Friday, September 3, 2010



*and just in time!*

Here's the books: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (IT WAS INCREDIBLE), Need by Carrie Jones (meh), Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen (good-ish), and Romeo and Juliet (yes, the original old English!) by William Shakespeare *bows*. ALL READ BY ZOE! I know, it's shocking.

And I, Elizabeth read Tangerine.  (A school book!)  So yeah!  It's over- and we made it!  Ta-Da!  Well- that's a relief!  We- I- finished! Woohoo!!!

Gotta go watch the Camp Rock 2!  :D

The Book Marathon of 2009-2010 is OVAH!

Love, Elizabeth and Zoe


  1. great job...! I can't wait to begin! Go Elizabeth and Zoe!

  2. Yay Zoe! I knew you would come through for the blog and for your slaving-away sister.

    Yay 200 Book Marathoners, Elizabeth and Zoe! I never doubted you would make your target. Thanks for all the really useful book recommendations--and cautions. It's been a great reading year and a lot of fun keeping up with what you're reading.

    Zoe, can we expect the occasional guest review from you in 2010-2011? You'll be missed! Snif snif.

    Yay Elizabeth! You are the Queen of Reading! Surely the number of books you read on your own deserves a "trivia posting" on the blog? Hale Queen Elizabeth!

    Welcome again, Justina! Wishing you the best time reading and the best time blogging with your cousin Elizabeth! I'll be following... :-)

    Go for it!

    -a.m. in metuchen