Wednesday, January 26, 2011

96 books down, 185 days to go...

Justi here with four new books.  I've read three more books for Series of Unfortunate Events--The Ersatz Elevator, The Vile Village, and The Hostile Hospital.  These books are failing to disappoint.  Ironic happenings, mysteries that demand the reader to solve them, a hidden plot, and the author's usual witty charm keeps these books from growing old, and still appealing to this reader.  The series is also steadily getting darker, and I hope that lasts.  Of course, each book is also getting longer...I'll be done with this soon enough!
Awakened is the latest book in House of Night.  While a lot of drastic changes occurred, this book lacked the sense of an overall plotline with its shifting character viewpoints.  It felt more like a filler, unfortunately, than like a stand-alone story in this series.  However, I enjoyed the ending, and am sad to have to wait until next year when the next book comes out.
So that's four more books down. 185 days to go!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

92 books down, 186 days to go!

Hey everyone! I finished seven books!  Pretty good, eh?

Secrets of Truth and Beauty, Flash Burnout, A Couple of April Fools, Just Listen, Ash, Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks, and Our Tragic Universe.  Secrets of Truth and Beauty is about a girl named Dara who leaves her parents to find her thirty-something-old sister.  When she does, she moves in with her sister and her gay teen runaways (even though Dara is not gay) farm.  After all, what does she have to go back to? Her parents removed her for the last couple of months of school, because she did her video autobiography on how she used to be in pageants, but then gained too much weight.  This is basically the typical teen discovering herself, and what really matters.  Good book.  Not great but worth your time (if that makes sense).  Flash Burnout was virtually plot-less.  It is basically about a boy turn between the friend that needs him and the girlfriend that "loves" him (if love exists at fifteen).  Not exactly worth your time, choose Truth and Beauty instead.  A Couple of April Fools was given to my by a friend.  And this was plot-less.  Please don't get this sixth-grade novel about the "Tattletales" and the "Copycats".  Just Listen is about a girl, the youngest in her family at 17 (I think she is 17...?) who has grown up in a family of two other girls, and has continued the traditions of modeling.  This book is about self-discovery, learning not to give up, learning how to deal with the hard ships in life, learning not to judge, and learning when is the right time to speak up.  This books was amazing, though it had a view intense scenes, that were very graphic (this includes seeing her sister after her eating disorder takes it's toll) and going through in an unfortunate time with her ex-best-friend's boyfriend, against her will.  Very sad, yet kind of happy.  Now that really doesn't makes sense.  But this book is definitely worth your time and your money (though I bet they have it at your local library).  Great book!  Ash is yet another Cinderella story, taking place long ago.  But this interpretation of that old tale does have its twists.  An okay book, but it was very hard for me to finish.  And I was hopelessly confused in parts!  I thought her soon-to-be "prince" (though he is not royalty) is female.  Let's just say I was very surprised, when for a while I thought she was male.  But hey, I don't judge.  :)  Peace Love and Baby Ducks is one of those books about a girl and her sister.  But in this case, the main character Carly is being "ditched" by her little sister, after coming back for a sobering camp, full of self discovery.  Not to mention that fact that her sister happened to turn "hot" over the summer.  Like head turning hot.  Carly is waiting for the shallow parts of the world to end, but she misses her sister.  Which is more important?  Not worth your time, I would say.  Go for the Dead Is... Series I blogged about a while back.  You know they're good books when you keep thinking back about them and counting down the days till the next sequel (not for a long, long time!).  Our Tragic Universe is a clever books about an author trying to discover what she is really trying to achieve.  I'm still not sure about this book, like whether it had a real plot or not. ?

92 books down, 186 days to go!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I, Elizabeth, have read more books, but I won't blog about them until tomorrow because I am literally 17 pages away from finishing one more book.  I just thought I would ask you to give this website a try:
This is another blog I have, that I share with my friends.  It is a very funny blog, and I hope you enjoy it. (scroll down to the last blog on the page, background info, to see what we are trying to do.)  By the way- I'm Michie.  :) enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

85 books down, 191 days to go!

Justi here, by the way.  Six books, and more on the way...!
First of all, three more Doctor Who books.  Not done with those, btw, but I'm taking a needed break from the Whoniverse.  Prisoner of the Daleks was okay...first DW book I read where so many die.  But that's expected, and it was an okay read.  Autonomy...a little confusing.  It would have been better without the complex setting--a supermall/minitown.  But besides the setting, this one was pretty DW believable.  The Krillitane Storm was one of my favorites.  Set in the middle of the Dark Ages, Krillitanes come, and they aren't trying to take over the world.  Bummer, huh?  Anyhow, besides the characters getting a little predictable, it was okay.
Burned, the seventh House of Night novel, was all right.  I'm reading the eighth book right now, so I need to hold opinion back until then, but currently Burned is my favorite in the series.
Two more.  I'm reading Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket...I know these are aimed at younger kids, but I never read them, and I'm finding them quite amusing.  So, the two I've read that are 200+ pages are The Wide Window and The Austere Academy.  Austere Academy is my favorite...two triplets, though, instead of three, which made me very sad.  Snicket writes in an amusing and witty manner, making you depressed yet laughing hysterically at the same time, so I'd advise anyone out there to read his works.

So, six more books to our collection!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

79 books down, 198 days to go!

Hey!  I finished four scattered books.  Dash and Lily's Book of Dares, After, Before I Die, and Girl, Stolen.  Dash and Lily's Book of Dares is about a girl and a boy who meet through a little red notebook.  A red notebook that the two kids communicate between, and to find the clues of each others lives, they must follow the dares of the book.  Great book!  After is about a girl, 15 years old, who gets pregnant over the summer.  After first, she is in such overwhelming denial, that she doesn't even know she is pregnant.  But when the day comes where she gives birth alone on her bathroom floor, her distraught sense makes her do the unthinkable.  She throws "IT" in the trash to die.  Now she is in a detention center, as her fate is decided whether or not she will have a life sentence.  Before I Die is about a girl who is dying of cancer at age sixteen/seventeen who has a strong bucket list to finish before she, well, kicks the bucket.  But when her illness takes over her, she starts to learn just how little control she has on her life, and it literally begins to slip through her fingers.  Girl, Stolen is about a girl, 16 years of age, who is kidnapped.  But she is no normal girl.  She has pneumonia, and is blind.  Once she is held hostage, where her prisoners hold her for her dad's money, she must realizes that she can't trust everyone.  Can she even trust anyone?  She is faced with tough thoughts, but the most frequent is frightening.  Am I going to live?

All great books, though After was very disturbing.  My favourite was definitely Girl Stolen.  Maybe Dash and Lily's Book of Dares.

 79 books down, 198 days to go!


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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

75 books down, 199 days to go!

Justina here.  Four books!  All of them were part of the Doctor Who series five rundown, so I advise watching those episodes if you enjoy sci-fi.  Anyway, my sister has tons of those books, and I want to read all of them...
First of all, Nuclear Time.  Not the best.  Fun, but a little confusing...the Doctor gets stuck going back in time as creepy robot killing machines chase his friends.  Parts of it don't make a ton of sense, but I don't think they're supposed to...anyway, I didn't care for it.
Next, The Forgotten Army...NYC, a Trojan horse in the shape of a woolly mammoth...okay, strange concept, but it made sense, so I can't get mad at it.
Apollo 23 I was disappointed in.  It started so great...then it just became a little slow and, well, pathetic.  Temporal shifts from Texas to the Moon...normal enough in the Whoniverse.  But then an alien invasion in the last ten pages...I like the last fifty pages to be end of climax/resolution, not beginning of climax.
Last, but so not least, The Glamour Chase.  Favorite.  Amy, Rory, and the Doctor go to 1936...that year, I don't know why.  Excavation site, string people, impersonations of Amy...what more could I want?  I loved this one, read it easily in less than a day, so any DW fans would enjoy it, I think.
Again, if you haven't seen Doctor Who, those books would be nothing but gibberish, but you should give British TV a from Justi!  75 down, 199 days to go!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

71 books read, 207 days left on the clock!

hello one and all!
it's Elizabeth here, and I've read 5 books.  i hope every body's new years and Christmas and Hanukkah. I finished three four books in the Dead is... Series and tmi.
tmi is a book about a girl who gives just that.  "Too much information."  in fact, because of her big mouth, her boyfriend breaks up with her.  She begins to write a blog about her life, hoping to get her talking out without people having to listen.  that way she can say everything she wants with out starting anything.  but this back fires when a local kid at her HS reads her blog and spills. spills her crush, her friends crush, and her other friends biggest secret ever. can she get the town to forgive her? can she even get her two only friends to forgive her, who she desperately loves? this was a short book, but it was OK, definitely an easy read.
the Dead is... Series is about a girl living in a supernatural town, and each book is about how the town's mysteries need solving, and how daisy is helping to get everything sorted out. yet at the same time she is finding out what powers she has, and her boyfriend, and sisters poppy and rose, too.  loved this series! absolutely great.
well, i should go work on my odysseys essay.
ahha! 6 books have been read on my part, actually!  i finished the odyssey for school.  this classic, over three thousand years old, is about a man Odysseus who, after fighting in the ten year old Trojan war, must get home. but throughout the coarse of ten years, Odysseus is faced with many obstacles that get in his way of returning home. this was, sadly, hard to get through.  not my type of book.  oh and mr. b-- ODYSSEUS IS NOT A HERO! hehe- thats what my essay is about- whether or not odysseus is a hero. which he is not. he relys on athena for help, asks the phaeacians to send him home, and the stays with circe for a whole year- for no reason besides free food and shelter! he also brags about himself all of the goshdarn time!!! jeeezzz!  no hero.
well 71 books down, 207 days to go.!.
chuck norris scares fear. hehe!
love, e

Sunday, January 2, 2011

65 books down, 209 days to go...!

I've read three books.  I am Morgan le Fay was about why the sorceress found a hatred in the first place...her life story.  Not the best, but it was okay if you are into Arthurian legend...
Notes from the Midnight Driver is sort of a sequel to Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie.  A boy gets drunk and is put in community the local nursing home.  A grumpy old man is his charge.  So, what's he gonna do?  I think he changed too fast, but overall it was okay.  Not the best, but it was fun to read.
Red Glass is a great book.  Really, I don't know how, since there isn't really magic in it whatsoever, but it is my new favorite.  Mexican culture mixed with references to other stories...a simple enough storyline, but it compels you to continue.  Very descriptive, and I think, even if you don't care about Central America at all, this is a good read.

So, 65 books down...!