Tuesday, January 25, 2011

92 books down, 186 days to go!

Hey everyone! I finished seven books!  Pretty good, eh?

Secrets of Truth and Beauty, Flash Burnout, A Couple of April Fools, Just Listen, Ash, Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks, and Our Tragic Universe.  Secrets of Truth and Beauty is about a girl named Dara who leaves her parents to find her thirty-something-old sister.  When she does, she moves in with her sister and her gay teen runaways (even though Dara is not gay) farm.  After all, what does she have to go back to? Her parents removed her for the last couple of months of school, because she did her video autobiography on how she used to be in pageants, but then gained too much weight.  This is basically the typical teen discovering herself, and what really matters.  Good book.  Not great but worth your time (if that makes sense).  Flash Burnout was virtually plot-less.  It is basically about a boy turn between the friend that needs him and the girlfriend that "loves" him (if love exists at fifteen).  Not exactly worth your time, choose Truth and Beauty instead.  A Couple of April Fools was given to my by a friend.  And this was plot-less.  Please don't get this sixth-grade novel about the "Tattletales" and the "Copycats".  Just Listen is about a girl, the youngest in her family at 17 (I think she is 17...?) who has grown up in a family of two other girls, and has continued the traditions of modeling.  This book is about self-discovery, learning not to give up, learning how to deal with the hard ships in life, learning not to judge, and learning when is the right time to speak up.  This books was amazing, though it had a view intense scenes, that were very graphic (this includes seeing her sister after her eating disorder takes it's toll) and going through in an unfortunate time with her ex-best-friend's boyfriend, against her will.  Very sad, yet kind of happy.  Now that really doesn't makes sense.  But this book is definitely worth your time and your money (though I bet they have it at your local library).  Great book!  Ash is yet another Cinderella story, taking place long ago.  But this interpretation of that old tale does have its twists.  An okay book, but it was very hard for me to finish.  And I was hopelessly confused in parts!  I thought her soon-to-be "prince" (though he is not royalty) is female.  Let's just say I was very surprised, when for a while I thought she was male.  But hey, I don't judge.  :)  Peace Love and Baby Ducks is one of those books about a girl and her sister.  But in this case, the main character Carly is being "ditched" by her little sister, after coming back for a sobering camp, full of self discovery.  Not to mention that fact that her sister happened to turn "hot" over the summer.  Like head turning hot.  Carly is waiting for the shallow parts of the world to end, but she misses her sister.  Which is more important?  Not worth your time, I would say.  Go for the Dead Is... Series I blogged about a while back.  You know they're good books when you keep thinking back about them and counting down the days till the next sequel (not for a long, long time!).  Our Tragic Universe is a clever books about an author trying to discover what she is really trying to achieve.  I'm still not sure about this book, like whether it had a real plot or not. ?

92 books down, 186 days to go!

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