Thursday, September 30, 2010

13 Books Down, 343 days to go!

Hi!  So now I just finished Betrayed, the second book in the House of Night series.  Zoey is faced with the dilemma of three guys who like her, becoming the leader of the Dark Daughters, and her fear that Neferet, her mentor, isn't as nice as she appears.  Again, the Wicca additions were wonderful, but this moved pretty fastly, the climax being the last fifty pages or so.  A lot of things were thrown at you, and, while this is only the second book in the series, it added a little too much all at once for it to be really good.  It was also pretty predictable to me...I saw what was going to happen, and I bet a lot of other readers did, too.  Enjoyable, but I hope the next book is better than this was.
J.K. Rowling is the first person to become a billionaire (U.S. dollars) by writing books.
13 books down, 343 days to go!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

12 books down, 344 days to go!

Hey!  It's me, E.
I finished 2 more books.  Clockwork Angel, By The Time You Read This I'll Be Dead.
I have to go to bed (I have a Math Test and French tomorrow- but I have to study to night) so I have to  make this quick if I want to get in any study time/ and or get sleep tonight!
Clockwork Angel is part of the spin-off series of Mortal Instruments (it was AMAZING), and By the Time You Read this I will Be Dead is a bout a girl who has attempted suicide multiple times, leaving her scarred, mute, and in a neck brace.  She plans her next death with a website called "Through-the-light" and plans each detail accordingly.  Until she meats Santana, way after she has taught herself not to feel.  Both GREAT books.

12 books down, 344 days to go!
A snail can sleep for three years.

Friday, September 24, 2010

9 books down, 349 days to go!!!

I finished another book!  Yay!  Though I'm not reading nearly enough lately...
So, I read Marked, the first book of the House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast.  Zoey is an average teenager until she is marked as a fledgling vampyre.  Now she must leave her old life behind and create a new one in the House of Night, a, well, high school for vampyres to prepare them for the Change.  But Zoey is different than any other fledgling, and, now that she's been chosen by Nyx, she has to figure out what she was chosen to do...
This book was okay, but the climax happened a little too fast.  I liked the Greek and Wiccan, and Native American, illusions that filled the book, along with random facts from pop culture.  It took a while to fully understand what was happening, but once I got it, I thought the concept was awesome, if not exaggerated. Now I'll start working on the rest of this series...
There is a giant mushroom in Oregon that is over 2,400 years old, covers 3.4 square miles of land, and is still growing!
9 books down, 349 days to go! Love from Justi!

Monday, September 20, 2010

nooo how could you??  ahhh i was going to read that book!! i have the whole series from A.M.!!!! gasssp!  well- have fun reading it, justi.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hola! 8 books down, 354 days to go!

Hola, amigas!  Y amigos!  Okay, Spanish is over with.  Anyway, I finished another book...
 So, I read A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawrence.  Sci-fi centric.  Alaric is a teenager who has basically lost everything after his mother died in a train wreck two years prior.  Naia, get this, is the same teenager (female version, obviously), but her mother survived that train wreck.  Parallel worlds intertwined, those two are trying to solve the mystery of why they can arrive at the other's world when they are angry or upset.
I wouldn't call it a great read...although I loved the concept, the style of writing was mostly detail, with very little action, and really big paragraphs.  That sort of turned me down.  And then, well, the ending was superbly sad.  They switch worlds.  So now Naia is stuck in a world without her mother, and her father's girlfriend moving in.  And Alaric gets the life he wanted.  I sympathize with Naia entirely.
The only thing I'm really annoyed about was how this is technically a trilogy, but my library only has the first book...I'll try to read the other two.  Anyway, this was an okay read.
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8 books and 354 days to go...
Love from Justi!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hey everyone! 7 books down, 355 days to go!

I finished Torment, the sequel to Fallen.  I didn't especially like Fallen but a friend told me the second book was better.  I thought it was worse!  In Torment, Luce's angel-boyfriend (yes, he is a legit fallen angel) must leave her to kill off all of the Outcasts that are after Luce and want to kill her.  These Outcasts know that Luce is always reborn as the same person, falls in love with Daniel, and then dies right after.  But when Daniel leaves Luce at a Nephilim school (a school filled with half/quarter/eighth angels) and she meets Miles, he mind goes crazy.  Could it be true that she and Daniel aren't meant for each other?  That she is meant to fall in love with another human?  It was a really stupid book, even worse and more angel-oriented then the first book.  Don't read it.

On the new hundred dollar bill the time on the clock tower of Independence Hall is 4:10.
Love, Elizabeth
7 books down, 355 days to go!

Monday, September 13, 2010

6 books down, 359 days to go!

Guess what!  I found time to read a book!  I'm so happy the way, this is Justi, for those who haven't realized that Justi is in high school with stupid honors courses and band...great job to Elizabeth, by the way, for an awesome start!
So, I read the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman.  I loved it.  Took about two hours to finish, a small and easy read, but full of meaning.  The main character, Mia, is a victim of a car crash, with most of the book being flashbacks with her pondering what's left in her world if she chooses to stay, even though giving up could be more appealing.  I enjoyed it for many reasons.  Mia is a major music nerd, a cellist, so much of what she said and alluded to made sense to me.  The story itself is intriguing, with her going on about how she had gotten her boyfriend, how her nemesis had become her best friend in one day, stuff like that.
Several parts, of course, nearly made me cry.  All the allusions to death, and the afterlife...not what I normally read about.  But, Elizabeth, your 'Aunt Mari' suggested this to me who knows how long ago, so I took the liberty to finally read it...and I would recommend whoever looks at this blog to read it, too.  I'll say this much: it has a super sweet ending...!
So, my first book is done!  Go me!  And Elizabeth!

A chapel in the Czech Republic uses 40,000-70,000 HUMAN SKELETONS as decoration.

Again, 6 books down, 359 days to go!
Love from Justi* 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

5 books down, 360 books down!

Hey all!
Since I am so young (compared to Justi) I didn't have homework this weekend, the first weekend off of 7th grade (yes, I have only been in school for 3 days!) so I finished two books this weekend.  Frozen Fire and Shimmer.
In Frozen Fire Dusty gets a mysterious phone call from a boy who claims he is about to dies of an overdose.  But when she follows his tracks in the snow outside, that eventually just stop, Dusty is confused. This boy was important, she needed to find him.  He had said something to her that she couldn't get out of her head, the same sentence that her brother said before he disappeared. So when she runs across some guys looking for the same boy, she knows he is not dead. But she does not tell them she has heard from the boy, not until she finds out what the boy knows about her brother. This book was okay.  Dusty was a spunky, spiteful tomboy with too much of a negative attitude and none of the other characters seemed to have any characteristics at all.  This book was sort of creepy, but when the mystery is solved, it is only partly solved, and much is left unsolved.  confusing.
Shimmer is about a group of kids at a party that open up a mysterious old box, later referred o by the main characters Emma, Justin, Betina, and Russ as the Pandora Box.  Because when it is opened, the 7 deadly sins are released and the whole town goes crazy, killing people, eating constantly, and attacking each other.  And when they realize that their classmate is carrying the infectious insanity virus, they seem to be the only people in the town unaffected.  And they must stay that way.  The characters go on a crazy journey, running for their lives across their snowy town, unable to get out because of the avalanches.  And when some characters flake out, it is up to a certain two characters to save the day... or at least their lives.

About 1/3 of American adults are at least 20% above their recommended weight.

Yeah, I figured.

Love, Elizabeth :)

5 books down, 360 days to go!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey Everyone!
A new, fresh year has started and I have a good way to start us off!  Three books, put into two volumes, have already been read!
I finished the three books in the Secret Circle Series.  I liked this series, mostly, which is about  girl who moves to New Salem, Massachusetts, with her Mom to be with her grandmother.  New Salem is very close to where the witch trials from centuries ago took place, and soon, with the help of the mysterious cult-like Secret Circle club, Cassy finds out that she is a witch. She is one of twelve witches in the Circle, and after she is initiated a handsome member shows them a Skull.  A magic skull that ends up sending out negative energy.  But when someone finds out that Cassy has more than just a Buddy-Buddy relationship with the handsome Adam, who happens to be her best friend's boyfriend, she is put to the test and held captive by the secret holder.  But things get dicey with the Circle and it's problems escalate, as characters die and strange and eerie coincidences occur. Cassy's secret is on the brink of becoming opened.   And if so, will her best friend Diana freak out? Hate her forever, never to speak to her again?
An okay book, but the main character Cassy was a very weak character, never standing up for herself and letting others bully her.  I tried to over look this though, and she gets better in the last of the three books.  Overall, good three books.  Really good, if you can excuse Cassy's weak attitude.

Barak O'bama is left-handed – the sixth post-war president to be left-handed

3 books down, 364 days to go!!!  Woo-hoo!


Friday, September 3, 2010



*and just in time!*

Here's the books: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (IT WAS INCREDIBLE), Need by Carrie Jones (meh), Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen (good-ish), and Romeo and Juliet (yes, the original old English!) by William Shakespeare *bows*. ALL READ BY ZOE! I know, it's shocking.

And I, Elizabeth read Tangerine.  (A school book!)  So yeah!  It's over- and we made it!  Ta-Da!  Well- that's a relief!  We- I- finished! Woohoo!!!

Gotta go watch the Camp Rock 2!  :D

The Book Marathon of 2009-2010 is OVAH!

Love, Elizabeth and Zoe

Thursday, September 2, 2010

anyway, 2 days to read 5 books.

hey all!  i am almost done with a book and i should finsih it and the second one by tomorrow, as well as another series.  so we can do this!!!!!
anyway, 2 days to read 5 books. I finished the Adoration of Jenna Fox.  Gotta go read!!