Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hola! 8 books down, 354 days to go!

Hola, amigas!  Y amigos!  Okay, Spanish is over with.  Anyway, I finished another book...
 So, I read A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawrence.  Sci-fi centric.  Alaric is a teenager who has basically lost everything after his mother died in a train wreck two years prior.  Naia, get this, is the same teenager (female version, obviously), but her mother survived that train wreck.  Parallel worlds intertwined, those two are trying to solve the mystery of why they can arrive at the other's world when they are angry or upset.
I wouldn't call it a great read...although I loved the concept, the style of writing was mostly detail, with very little action, and really big paragraphs.  That sort of turned me down.  And then, well, the ending was superbly sad.  They switch worlds.  So now Naia is stuck in a world without her mother, and her father's girlfriend moving in.  And Alaric gets the life he wanted.  I sympathize with Naia entirely.
The only thing I'm really annoyed about was how this is technically a trilogy, but my library only has the first book...I'll try to read the other two.  Anyway, this was an okay read.
100,000,000,000 tons of dynamite would have to be detonated every second to match the energy produced by the sun.
8 books and 354 days to go...
Love from Justi!

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