Sunday, June 27, 2010

159 books down, 68 days to go!

Hey All!
I finished two books, All We Know of Heaven and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac.

All We Know of Heaven is about two best friends who get into a car accident, leaving one dead and the other in a coma.  The problem is, though, (you know, besides the fact that one life was taken, the other holding on by a thread) is that both girls, Maureen and Bridget, look a lot alike, down to their heights, weights, and hair color and eye colors.  So when both bodies are batter and bruised beyond "recognition," the towns finds out that there has been a fatal mistake.  Two months after the accident, one girls wakes up.  But wait, isn't she dead?  No.  The doctors have confused the bodies.  Only one survives... and not the girl everyone was praying for to wake up.  No, the 'dead' girl. (Based on a true story- which is tragic)
Okay, that was awesome!  I'm the best narrator ever!  Anyway, I actually wasn't that 'into' this book. (Gasp!)  I just didn't really like the style of writing.
A.M.: Hey, you might like it.  I say give it a shot.

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac is about a girl named Naomi Porter who falls down the step of her High School and hits her head, leaving her with slight amnesia, only remembering things from sixth grade and earlier even though she is now 16-17. This book was absolutely awesome (for lack of a better term- ha!  one of my favorite characters says that!)  I like how Naomi found out all these things about her parents' love lives even though she doesn't remember them ever even splitting, and the way that she views people she used to know so well.  Naomi is a smart, witty, present character with a fair amount of spunk and reason, just trying to figure out who she is in life.  Very fun book, deadpan but rather entertaining humor!

If you have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar. 

Love, Elizabeth

159 books down, 68 days to go.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

157 books down, 69 days to go!

Hey All!

I finished the 2, 3, and 4 books in the Pretty Little Liars Series.  These weren't as old, since I had already read the first book and was aware of the content, but I really liked these books.  I had to keep reading!  After all, I want to see how the TV show on ABC interprets these great books.  I can't really review their plots, though, because so much happens (very complicated) and I would be giving away the plots to readers who want to read these books (you should) or watch the TV show (you should!)  All I can say is... "A" I think I know who you are and you need to leave Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer alone!

If you eat a bar of chocolate every day for 36,500 days, you'll live to be 100 years old.

Elizabeth S
157 books down, 69 days to go!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

154 books down, 75 days to go!

Hey All!
Big news!  As it turns out, I messed up the dates!  We don't have 60 days left, we have 75 as of today!  I even counted on the calender!  As of 6.20.10 there are 75 days until September 3!  Yay!
Anyway, I finished a book, Pretty Little Liars.
In this book five girls are bound together by their secrets that were given to the queen bee of the group, Alison.  But when Alison mysteriously goes missing and is found dead under concrete almost four years later, the four girls who have drifted apart must come back together.  After all, they are all getting notes from "A", a character who seems to know only secrets Ali knew about each girl.  There are threats, notes about things that had happened just that day, and mysterious presences.  How does "A" know Hanna became so skinny by making herself throw up?  How does "A" know about Aria's dad cheating on her mother and Aria's strong relationship and attraction to her English teach?  How does "A" know Spencer kissed her sister's boyfriend in 7th grade, the summer before Ali went missing, and has now kissed her older sister's new boyfriend?  And lastly, How does "A" know that Emily thinks she might be lesbian and has kissed the new girl and that Emily kissed Alison in 7th grade and wrote her a love note?  How is "A" so knowledgeable?  (Is that a word?)  And how is Alison dead... and who killed her?
Intense book but much too inappropriate- I'm going to stick to the TV show based on this series instead!

In parts of Alaska, it's illegal to feed alcohol to a moose.

Love, Elizabeth S

154 books down, 75 days to go!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

153 books down, 63 days to go!

Ahh!  Only 63 days to go! 47 books to go! Ahhh!  But I think I (yeah, I have no faith in Zoe!) can do it!

I'm off on my way to the last full week of school, but I wanted to let you know I read a book called Impossible.

In this book, Lucy, 17/18, is raped and becomes pregnant.  But she soon finds out that the reason her mother is a crazy homeless person, who gave birth to her at 18 (and her mother's mother was the same) is that her family is cursed.  Once you turn 18 you have a child, and fall upon madness after birth.  So now Lucy and her best friend/ husband, Zach, must keep up hope and Lucy must solve three seemingly Impossible tasks before labor, or else the curse lives on like it has for many upon many generations.  Great book!

About 17% of humans are left-handed. The same is true of chimpanzees and gorillas.

Love, Elizabeth S.

153 books down, 63 days to go!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

152 books down, 66 days to go!

Hey all!  I finished Deadly Little Lies (book after Deadly Little Secret), Band Geek Love, Must Love Black, Bounce.

In Deadly Little Lies Ben moves back after leaving for some time (four months) but Camelia's and his relationship goes back to anything but normal.  They fight constantly, Ben wanting nothing to do with her (touching someone just makes him unhealthy).  But then suddenly Camelia has a new boy friend.  But when a "sick love triangle" forms between the three, Camelia must decide which boy is tricking her, and which one she can be friends with.

Band Geek Love is about a girl named Ellie who is a super band geek senior in high school.  Perfect life she has, well for one not into boys, shopping, drama, or attention.  But then Connor Higgins moves into Ellie's band, and their relationship begins (even though Connor is a sophomore... eew!), but Ellie makes sure no one knows of their relationship.  But then Ellie "discovers the flip-side of secrets and how it feels to be shut out by the ones she loves".  Kind of a boring book, though Connor seems pretty hot  ;)

Must Love Black is about a goth girl named Philippa who takes a babysitting job for the summer with two twin 10 year old girls, who also happen to love black, the color of their uneventful, serious lives.  The twins live at a luxury mansion, with water, no mom, and an ignoring father.  And Goeff.  The hot worker, who Philippa "must turn to the dark side" and away from his covered-in-pink girl friend.  Fun read.

Bounce is about a 13 girl named Evyn whose father marries a women with six children, Eleni, and has to move in with them.  She feels as if this is the end of her family. And when Eleni gets pregnant, she can't help it.  She runs away.  But when she is brought back by her now step-brother, she learns that maybe her life isn't over after all, neither is her family.

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Love, Elizabeth S

152 books down, 66 days to go!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

148 books down, 70 days to go!

148 books down, 70 days to go!

Hey All!  I finished Deadly Little Secret and Ghostgirl.
Deadly Little Secret is about a girl named Camelia who falls for the new boy Ben who happened to save her life and also has a reputation for killing his ex.  But Camelia can't help but fall closer and closer towards him, right as she starts getting frightening phone calls, mysterious gifts, and pictures of herself.  She has a stalker.  But even when Ben begs to help Camelia stay safe, she has her doubts about him.  But it turns out he's no normal killer.  He is an innocent young boy with psychometry powers, which means he can tuch things and see their past or future.  But the notes and calls turn to threats, saying horrible things about Camelia that make no sense.  She becomes enveloped in danger, but will Ben be the one harming, or the one who will save her?  I loved this book so much I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN (warning I guess).
Ghostgirl was pretty terrible.  It's basically about a girl who dies (and has a sick mind feeding off of popularity and would kill to be part of "the in crowd") but even when she is dead she is trying to be popular.  Awful.  In fact, this is the beginning of the book review for Barnes and Nobel (I do not why I bought this book- I guess I saw it in lots of adds for being the new "it" book because it was so funny- it wasn't funny!)
Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

And if I should die before I awake,

I pray the popular attend my wake.

Pearls melt in vinegar.

Love, Elizabeth S.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Deadly Little Secret.  Most. Intense. Book. Ever!
I'm only half way done, I started it last night, but I cannot pull away.   I am going to the mall later today and even though I love to shop (trust me, I do!) and I'm going with my really good friend, I am almost dreading being separated from my nook for the measly two hours we will be there.  What can I say, I have an addiction.  Accepting is the first step in fixing, if only this certain addict needed fixing.  Reading does, after all, cleanse the soul.

146 books down,73 days to go!

Love, Elizabeth

Saturday, June 5, 2010

146, 74 days to go!

Hey All!
I finished Old Magic and Glimmerglass.

Glimmerglass is a wonderful book about a girl named Dana who runs away from her alcoholic mother to be with her father in Avalon, the world of Fae.  Dana becomes a Faerie walker, a rare person who can live and get from one world (Avalon) to the other.  She can bring technology into Avalon, and magic to humanity.  But now people either want to kill her, or want her to retrieve her things from the different world, and has new friends, family... a new life.  She is changing.  She never thought she would ever have a chance with Ethan (Fae) but she did.  But she must decide how to live, what to do with her life.  Could things ever settle down and go back to 'normal'?

Old magic is a bout a girl named Kate with magical powers who meets the new boy Jarrod, who also has powers but refuses to except it.  When the topic of magic comes up between the two, Jarrod labels Kate and her grandmother insane.  But when proof gets stronger of the curse on his family, Jarrod puts his disbelieves to the test and travels back in time with Kate to the medieval days.  They have to stop the Jarrod's ancestor from ever putting the spell on his family, which is driving his family insane, his father suicidal, his brother having near-death experiences.  But Kate is kidnapped, and Jarrod must embrace his powers, and train himself to save Kate, who he is beginning to fall in love with (in my opinion).  Great book, I really can't wait to see if there will be a second book.  By the way, the boy DOES NOT FIT JARROD AND NEITHER DOES THE GIRL (on the cover)!  Jarrod has really long, silky blond hair and beautiful green eyes (I picture him having soft features around the face) and Kate has almost clear they are so light blue almond eyes and she looks Hawaiian and has long, silky, black, jet black hair, and she almost looks like ghost.  But their expressions are correct!  ;)

43.7% of all statistics are made up right on the spot 
Love, Elizabeth S.
146 books down, 74 days to go!