Sunday, June 13, 2010

152 books down, 66 days to go!

Hey all!  I finished Deadly Little Lies (book after Deadly Little Secret), Band Geek Love, Must Love Black, Bounce.

In Deadly Little Lies Ben moves back after leaving for some time (four months) but Camelia's and his relationship goes back to anything but normal.  They fight constantly, Ben wanting nothing to do with her (touching someone just makes him unhealthy).  But then suddenly Camelia has a new boy friend.  But when a "sick love triangle" forms between the three, Camelia must decide which boy is tricking her, and which one she can be friends with.

Band Geek Love is about a girl named Ellie who is a super band geek senior in high school.  Perfect life she has, well for one not into boys, shopping, drama, or attention.  But then Connor Higgins moves into Ellie's band, and their relationship begins (even though Connor is a sophomore... eew!), but Ellie makes sure no one knows of their relationship.  But then Ellie "discovers the flip-side of secrets and how it feels to be shut out by the ones she loves".  Kind of a boring book, though Connor seems pretty hot  ;)

Must Love Black is about a goth girl named Philippa who takes a babysitting job for the summer with two twin 10 year old girls, who also happen to love black, the color of their uneventful, serious lives.  The twins live at a luxury mansion, with water, no mom, and an ignoring father.  And Goeff.  The hot worker, who Philippa "must turn to the dark side" and away from his covered-in-pink girl friend.  Fun read.

Bounce is about a 13 girl named Evyn whose father marries a women with six children, Eleni, and has to move in with them.  She feels as if this is the end of her family. And when Eleni gets pregnant, she can't help it.  She runs away.  But when she is brought back by her now step-brother, she learns that maybe her life isn't over after all, neither is her family.

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Love, Elizabeth S

152 books down, 66 days to go!

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