Saturday, February 27, 2010

71 books down, 172 days to go! AhhHH!

Hey it's Lizzy.
Sooo sorry i haven't blogged in a while. I'm in the middle of a killer Social Studies project and studying for science but i read 3 books!
First I read The Kind of Friends We Used To Be, a very childish book that i HAD to read because it was a sequel to a book I read in the fourth grade. Hahaha!
I also finished Stealing Heaven, about a girl who lives with her mom and has liven a stolen life since the day she was born, the life of a criminal. Goood book!!
And lastly I read Peeled, a great book about a journalist in high school who is very passionate about her writting and the new news of the town!
I'm sorry for the short blog but I'm veerrry tired.
Love, Lizzy
About 17% of humans are left-handed. The same is true of chimpanzees and gorillas.
71 books down, 172 days to go!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey! Zoe here with some good news! I have finished a book! And written a short story! I finished Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. This book can only be described in one word:


This book may just be one of the bet I've ever read! It may seem very morbid but the story is incredible and the reader truly makes a connection to the main character, Katniss. Look it up!
I've also written a short story and as I'm revising I'm considering showing it to you guys. What do you think? Do you want to read it?


68 books down, 177 days to go.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

67 books down, 181 days to go.

It's Liz again.
So, i finished Fragile Eternity (#3 in the Wicked Lovely Series) but before i give you gys the review, i have bad news!! :( I completely forgot that you can't download books on your nook outside of the country and right now I'm in Cayman Islands and I just finished my last book on my nook! So now I can't buy more book until Tuesday, when I get back. Oh No! But I might be able to find a book store on this small island...
Anyway, I finiished Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr and I loved it. In this book Aislinn is feeling closer and closer to her summer king Keenan as summer comes. And Seth, Aislinn's mortal boyfriend and best friend is noticing this.
Lately Aislinn has been upset because she knows her mortal boyfriend/best friend is going to die someday while she lives on and so will her a Grandmother who also means the world to her. So Keenan comforts her and Seth drifts apart because he is not strong enough or "important enough" to be a faery. So he goes to the high queen and asks to become a faery even though there is a chance that she will kill him, which she does'nt :) . Instead she becomes his Mother (loonng story). But in return for becoming a faery he must spend one out of the twelve months each year with Scorcha the High Faery Queen but little does he know that one month in Faery is six months in the mortal realm.
So since Aislinn doesn't know where Seth is she thinks he left her and is crushed. So she gives Keenan a chance (nooooo). I don't like Keenan. Anyway, before they can get to serious Seth comes back as a full on fey and confronts Ash about her and Keenan. Faeries can't lie so Aislinn didn't tell Seth she didn't feel happy with Keenan (She is his Summer Queen afterall- drawn by the forces of Summer). So in the last couple of pages Seth leaves AGAIN but tells Ash that once she's ready to just have him in his life she can think and then come get him. I got all worried but it's okay because also, right before the book ends, he goes to Niall (his best friend/"brother" and the Dark King) and asks to be trained with the hounds (a kind of faery) to be able to defend himself and maybe his queen and be able to fight.

The first outdoor sign advertising "Coca-Cola" still exists. It was originally painted in 1894 and is located in Cartersville, Georgia.

Love Lizzy S.

67 books down, 181 days to go.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey all! It's Liz and I just finished the Ink Exchange, the second in the Wicked Lovely Series. I thought it was just okay, because to my surprise it was about the main character Aislinn's friend instead of her this time. eh. Anyway I'm in the middle of the third now.

It's Zoe!
Sorry I haven't blogged in forever but I finished 2 BOOKS! YES! I finally finished the 2nd midnighters book after putting it down and picking it back up and then putting it back down again various times! I also finished My Soul to Lose and thought it was decent. Now I'm in the middle of Hunger Games and am ADORING IT!

66 books down, 184 days to go!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey it's Lizzy (duh) and I finished 2 more books!
The first book I finished was called L.A. Candy. This book wasn't the best for someone my age, 3/5 stars for a sixth grader. You see, no matter what the books is, I have to finish once I have started it. And even though it wasn't the most appropriate (minor sex scene, alcohol drinking) it really was a candy, sugar sweet, pointless book. And I needed that, because I have been reading this really confusing fantasy books. So, this book is about two best friends that move to L.A. (not to be actresses) and they are discovered by a producer, and before they no it they have their own show, a "reality version of sex in the city."
The other book I read was called Going too far, which I really liked. This book was again not the MOST appropriate but not toooo bad. It was a nice romance but it had some small references to sex and alcohol (what books don't anymore?) but there is no sex scene and the plot is really great. The background of the beginning of book is: a girl named Meg is sometimes doing drugs and was having "casual sex" with her "boyfriend" but one day when she gets caught tress-passing on a bridge drunk she gets a big punishment. Meg has to drive around with the cop that who caught her on the bridge for a week while he is doing the night shift (10pm to 6am). Little does she know that just a year and a half ago he was in her Spanish class (a year older, though) and she is about to fall in love with him. Meg had cancer when she was young and she has many difficulties in her life, including her disapproving parents leaving her to go on their first vacation since shes been born, extreme claustrophobia, commitment issues and planning, and she is convinsed she is still dying even though she is cancer free. Anyway, she falls in love with the Cop, John. And he saves her. He pulls her back to life, practicality, and reality. And she soon excepts that she's not dying. And dyes her her back to brown, instead of blue. (SHOUTOUT TO A.M. FROM N.J. You'd ike this book I think. You'd also like the wicked lovely series if you haven't already read it.)

A catfish has approximately 100,000 taste buds.

Love, Lizzy S. :)

63 b
ooks down, 191 days to go!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

61 books down, 193 days to go!!!

Hey All.
It's Elizabeth (Lizzy the Mono Girl.)
I finished another book. A book called Wicked Lovely.
Sooo confusing to explain but here's my outline:
Basically, Aislinn (Ash) was born with the ability to see faeries and she is chosen to become the Summer Queen and be Keenan the Summer King's wife. She doesn't want this, and she doesn't find out what Keenan wants until a while after he and some 'friends' have been stocking her. She falls in Love with her best friend Seth and lives with her Grams who had always brought her up to avoid faeries at all time, never look at them so that they find out you can see them, never talk to the, never run when they follow you, don't move when they touch you (act like you can't feel them and stare at something with false interest), etc.
"A fully imagined faery world which even non-fantasy (or faerie) lovers will want to delve into." (Publishers Weekly (starred review) )

The Earth experiences 50,000 earthquakes each year.
Help Haiti and save ANIMALS! please.

Love, Lizzy S.

61 books down, 193 days to go!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

60 books down, 195 days to go!

So, here's the thing.
We have finished 60 books (actually: Lizzy S.- around 50 Zoe- around ten ). So we have read 3/10 of the books we need to read. That's about a third. The problem is that about 19/37 of our time is left! Half of 37 is 18.5 so we basically have half of the time left the we had at the beginning!
But don't worry, I'm not completely pessimistic. We definitely have been doing better with our *blank* books read with *blank* days to go numbers compared to a couple of months ago.
Sorry, I'm kind of in the math mood right now. I'm not in school today because I have a nasty cough, headache, stuffy nose, etc. In fact, yesterday Mom took me to the doctors and they drew my blood to test me for Mono! Ahhhh!
So, I finished a book called My Soul To Take, the sequel to My Soul to Lose, which Zoe happens to be reading (coincidence. I bought My Soul To Take -nook- not knowing it was a sequel and Zoe downloaded the free My Soul to Lose -nook-).
In this book Kaylee finds out she's a bean sidhe (pronounced banshee). When people die she has to resist the urge to scream, when really she's soul singing. When she soul sings a male bean sidhe can grasp the soul that is currently being taken by the reaper and put it back into the humans body.
In this book Kaylee finds out that her aunt is making deals with a reaper (a person who dies and is hired to go around collecting souls when 'its their set time to go') to make her young again. There are two reasons why her human aunt does this. First, she wants to stay young with her bean sidhe husband who reached the age where his physical appearance will stop aging. Second, she was a vile, self-conceited, superficial woman who just wants to look young.
So, this is how the deal worked: Aunt Val gives the reaper lots of money. The reaper kills five teenage girls and gives their souls to the master. Then the reaper will make Val young.
It is only possible for a pair of bean sidhes to save a soull while the soul is being taken -so a bean sidhe couldn't save a soul that has already been taken and given to the soul master who then gives it to the reincarnation center. Also, when the soul is being saved another life is taken in return. SO when Kaylee and her bean sidhe boyfriend Nash save Emma, Kaylees best friend, anybody in the room is at risk of being taken in reurn, including the twi bean sidhes.
So thats pretty much it. Confusing, right?

"Tom Sawyer" was the first novel written on a typewriter.

Love, Lizzy S.

60 books down, 195 days to go!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

59 books down 198 days to go!!!!!!

Hey all!
I really was feeling pretty awful today. My throat stung and it hurt to talk, my nose was stuffy and my head hurt. So i stayed home, but at least i got some NOOK time in. I finished the 6th and the 7th book in the Morganville Vampire series. I'll write later to talk about it but right now I have to go have my mother (she's a nurse) check out my throat.... I know, too much information, right? :) Well, thanks for checking on the blog.
Again, Happy (late) birthday, Mom. Your an amazing Mom who has done an astounding job of raising the three of us. Best mom ever! :)

No fun fact to day, sorry. Instead I wanted to take up the space to spread awareness to a pretty obvious subject that can still never get too much help. Animals all over America are being abused and neglected and they need our help. Also, animals are in kill shelters and we need to stop that! Donate to charities and shelters that are willing to go to kill shelters and take the animals that are there. They need money to feed and shelter the animals. Around 53 million dogs (I believe... I'm not sure) are in America and not all of them are in cozy homes, treated properly. And same with cats. PLEASE HELP ALL ANIMALS BEING NEGLECTED. THEY'RE CREATURES TOO, WITH BIG FLUFFY HEARTS THAT CAN REALLY MAKE YOUR HEART MELT IF YOU JUST... CARE. Thank you so much! Stop animal abuse!

(and of course, the shelter where my doggy Murphy was saved from a kill shelter...) 3.
(a quick and easy way to donate 10 eices of kibble to many shelters around the US...) 4. (and)

Love, Lizzy S.

59 books down 198 days to go!!!!!!