Monday, February 1, 2010

59 books down 198 days to go!!!!!!

Hey all!
I really was feeling pretty awful today. My throat stung and it hurt to talk, my nose was stuffy and my head hurt. So i stayed home, but at least i got some NOOK time in. I finished the 6th and the 7th book in the Morganville Vampire series. I'll write later to talk about it but right now I have to go have my mother (she's a nurse) check out my throat.... I know, too much information, right? :) Well, thanks for checking on the blog.
Again, Happy (late) birthday, Mom. Your an amazing Mom who has done an astounding job of raising the three of us. Best mom ever! :)

No fun fact to day, sorry. Instead I wanted to take up the space to spread awareness to a pretty obvious subject that can still never get too much help. Animals all over America are being abused and neglected and they need our help. Also, animals are in kill shelters and we need to stop that! Donate to charities and shelters that are willing to go to kill shelters and take the animals that are there. They need money to feed and shelter the animals. Around 53 million dogs (I believe... I'm not sure) are in America and not all of them are in cozy homes, treated properly. And same with cats. PLEASE HELP ALL ANIMALS BEING NEGLECTED. THEY'RE CREATURES TOO, WITH BIG FLUFFY HEARTS THAT CAN REALLY MAKE YOUR HEART MELT IF YOU JUST... CARE. Thank you so much! Stop animal abuse!

(and of course, the shelter where my doggy Murphy was saved from a kill shelter...) 3.
(a quick and easy way to donate 10 eices of kibble to many shelters around the US...) 4. (and)

Love, Lizzy S.

59 books down 198 days to go!!!!!!

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