Thursday, July 22, 2010

176 books down, 43 days to go!

Hey all!  I finished Vampire Academy books 2, 3, 4, and a book called When You Reach Me.
In Frostbite (2 of V.A. books) Rose and her friend Lissa go on a ski trip after Hell begins to break loose around their Academy.  But when one of Rose's friends, Mason, and his pals decide to go a mission to hunt some evil vampires who kill called Strigoi, things could get dangerous, and Rose and Christian (Lissa's boyfriend) realize she must go after them.  This is bad.  Danger comes inevitably and they are captured by Strigoi and the two harmless vampires of the student group, Christian and Mia, are forced to either eat one of their friends and turn Strigoi, or die.  Rose can't let this happen, she must escape, and she does.
In the third book, Rose is assigned to Moroi for six weeks (a 'good' vampire who doesn't kill) and her luck brings her to Christian, her not-so-likable pal.  But things can change, and as even more Hell breaks loose at the Academy (Rose killing many Strigoi) Moroi are starting to use their powers (they can have air powers, water, fire, or earth) to fight, which is unheard-of.  Things also get more dramatic with Rose's best friend Lissa as she and their pal they met on the ski trip, Adrian, practice their own unheard-of very rare element called spirit.  Rose's love Dimitri and her must battle against the Strigoi.
In Blood Promise, Rose runs away from Lissa and the Academy to find and kill her lover Dimitri who was turned into a Strigoi.  This journey leads her to Russia, Dimitri's family's house, and eventually a might-as-well-be jail where she is kept by Dimitri and other Strigoi.  But even when she breaks out and she thinks she killed Dimitri, she soon gets an unexpected surprise while back in the US.
I LOVED this series, and I am waiting to read the fifth and last one at camp.  Speaking of camp, I will not be blogging again for a good week and a half while I am at sleep-away camp.  But I promise to read!!  Best Series Ever, the Vampire Academy Series is (along with Pretty Little Liars).  The plots are kind of hard to explain, and the third book is a cliff hanger, but I will say my favorite book was the second book.

In When You Reach Me, a girl named Miranda's life gets turned upside down when she gets mysterious notes from an anonymous author.  In her first and most confusing and dangerous letter it says that the writer is coming to save his own life as well as Miranda's friends, but she has to write the source a letter before any of this can happen.  After more letters she finds out this person knows a LOT about her, too much.  But this writer makes her believe she can stop a death from ever happening.  She is interested by this until te notes make her believe the opposite, that she is too late.  I lvoed this book.  Absolutely fantastic!  Great quick read, and it's perfect for my age, the girl being only slightly younger then I am.

176 books down, 43 days to go!
As of July 2005, the smallest country in terms of population was Pitcairn Islands with 45 inhabitants!
Love, Elizabeth
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

172 books down, 50 days to go!

Hey all!  50 days to read 28 books!  That's almost one and a half books a day!  AHH!!
Well, even though Zoe basically quit (so incredibly ANGRY with her for that) I WILL READ ON!
Okay- I finished two books in three days (one book with three books in it- I forget what that is called)- that's pretty good, right??? (So I guess it would be 4 books read, huh?  Yeah- It would.)  (Uggg)
While visiting my younger cousins I stumbled upon one of there chapter books, which turned out to be a young adult book, and a great one at that.  The books is called Schooled.
In this book, by Gordan Korman, Capricorn (Cap) Anderson moves to Claverige to go to their middle school (which the students call C Average Middle School, taking out the l).  But he is not just any ordinary new kid.  He has hair down to his waist, tie-dye T-shirts, shoe-less school days, and Tai Chi practices ever day in the schoolyard. He has never gone to a real school before, though he can drive a truck (and a school bus!) at age 13. He has been arrested and will get arrested multiple times for driving without a license, even to save some one's life. This kid "should be a dork!" according to popular 8th graders Zach, Lena, Darryl, and Naomi.  But when the whole school starts to adore Cap, things really change.  Great book.  It's an easy read, but it flowed nicely and the thoughts and dialog in this book that switches 1st person every chapter was perfect.  I very much enjoyed it.
I also read Thirst (which includes three books: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, and Red Dice.
These books are about a 5000 year old vampire who falls in love, meets new people, sees and kills people daily and experiences heartbreak as a forever-20-year-old vampire.  That basically all I can say, because each book in this trilogy is basically about that, not much else.  This is one of those books where you can't put it down, but once you're done you are not compelled to read the next books.  SO yes, if you have NOTHING else to read, this would be a good one, but don't plan on falling in love with these books, though I guess some people might.  I'm thinking that maybe the reason why I wasn't wild about these books was that they were written by a male, yet the 1st person character is a girl, so the writing style might be different.

According to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored day for self-destruction.  

Love, Elizabeth

172 books down, 50 days to go!

Monday, July 12, 2010

168 books down, 53 days to go!

Hey All!  It's me, Elizabeth, Blogging from my Aunts house on her computer so this might have to be a shorter blog- which is difficult because I have finished three more books!
First I finished Sleepless by Cyb Balog which is about a sandman, Eron, who has to go into people's dreams and put them to sleep.  But then he meets one girl named Julia, whose boyfriend just died, and he can't seem to forget her.  He used to be human, and Eron remembers how it felt to lose someone.  But when Eron's duties are over and he becomes human again, only he knows of the danger Julia is in, and is ready to save her.  This book was pretty good, I just don't normally read book where the main character is a boy.

I also finished Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog, which is about a girl named Morgan whose boyfriend turns out to be a fairy who is going to get stolen form her and taken back to the fairy world.  So she and her boyfriend's family's Real child, Pip, (the fairies traded Cam, Morgan's boyfriend, with Pip- a human boy- upon Pip's birth) to save Cam and keep Cam and Morgan together. I wasn't into this book until half way through, when Morgan started having feelings for both Cam and Pip, but this book was overall pretty good.  The description wasn't very good though.

And last but not least, I finished My Fair Godmother.  This book is about a girl who receives a Fairy godmother when her sister steals her boyfriend.  She wishes her life could be like certain Fairy Tales, but she doesn't think her young fairy godmother will actually turn her life into the tales themselves, back in time.  But when one of her wishes sucks her "dream boy" into her world, her ex-boyfriend doesn't show up like she tried to describe, but another boy from her school.  Great book, lovable characters, cute romance.  Good read.

The average person laughs 15 times a day.
168 books down, 53 days to go.
Love, Elizabeth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

165 books down, 58 days to go!

165 books down, 58 days to go!
Hey all!   I finished the last 3 books in the Pretty Little Liars Series of 8.
I can't really review the plot of these books, considering they are so confusing it would give the whole books away, but I can tell you my opinion on them. 
multi-plotted (not like that's a word- unless it is?!)


Love, Elizabeth
The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had. 
165 books down, 58 days to go! 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

162 books down, 62 days to go! 38 books must be read in 62 days!!
Answer the trivia questions to donate kibble to local shelters!
Love, Elizabeth

162 books down, 62 days to go! 62 days to read 38 books!

Hey all!  We now have 62 days to read 38 books!  Ahhh!  But we can do it!
I finished three books; Teen Idol, Wicked (Pretty Little Liars 5), and Wings.

In wings a girl named Laurel is the new girl in her town, but things get worse when a bump on her back turns into a flower. David, her friend and the guy she likes helps her find out the truth, that she is really a faerie (which in this book are just half human/half plant like creatures). Tamani, her sexy he faerie guardian, protects Laurel from the faerie world and helps her figure out her old life (Tamani also happens to be rather dreamy). Absolutely a fantastic book.  The writing was very well written and the character of Laurel made me smile, though I was routing for David the whole book!  Great read.

In Wicked, the next (5th) book in the Pretty Little Liars Series, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna's lives get more and more hectic, which is basically the most I can say without giving the plot away.  Also, things go very far when they find out the truth and the body (!) of a local neighbor, who they have known their whole lives.  Great book again.  This is one of those series where once you start you simply can't stop.  So I would say this is a great series to read but you must start from the beginning.  Three more books to go in this series!

Teen Idol is about an average girl living an average life... until her school signs her up to be a mentor of the new (and slightly mysterious) new kid.  But then they tell her why- he is no ordinary  kid moving to an ordinary school.  He's Luke Striker, a famous teen actor, getting ready for a new role.  But when Luke seems to have an interest in Jen, and people find out who he really is, the town goes crazy.  I thought this book was okay, the reason why I read it was because one of my friends did.  But I really like the main character of Jen. She was smart, level-headed, and witty, which is why I think I kept reading the book.  I just didn't like reading about the craze of Luke.

 Two great books and one good book (Teen Idol).  Well, In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator. 

Thanks for checking up on us!  Love, Elizabeth

162 books down, 62 days to go, 38 books left to read.