Saturday, July 3, 2010

162 books down, 62 days to go! 62 days to read 38 books!

Hey all!  We now have 62 days to read 38 books!  Ahhh!  But we can do it!
I finished three books; Teen Idol, Wicked (Pretty Little Liars 5), and Wings.

In wings a girl named Laurel is the new girl in her town, but things get worse when a bump on her back turns into a flower. David, her friend and the guy she likes helps her find out the truth, that she is really a faerie (which in this book are just half human/half plant like creatures). Tamani, her sexy he faerie guardian, protects Laurel from the faerie world and helps her figure out her old life (Tamani also happens to be rather dreamy). Absolutely a fantastic book.  The writing was very well written and the character of Laurel made me smile, though I was routing for David the whole book!  Great read.

In Wicked, the next (5th) book in the Pretty Little Liars Series, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna's lives get more and more hectic, which is basically the most I can say without giving the plot away.  Also, things go very far when they find out the truth and the body (!) of a local neighbor, who they have known their whole lives.  Great book again.  This is one of those series where once you start you simply can't stop.  So I would say this is a great series to read but you must start from the beginning.  Three more books to go in this series!

Teen Idol is about an average girl living an average life... until her school signs her up to be a mentor of the new (and slightly mysterious) new kid.  But then they tell her why- he is no ordinary  kid moving to an ordinary school.  He's Luke Striker, a famous teen actor, getting ready for a new role.  But when Luke seems to have an interest in Jen, and people find out who he really is, the town goes crazy.  I thought this book was okay, the reason why I read it was because one of my friends did.  But I really like the main character of Jen. She was smart, level-headed, and witty, which is why I think I kept reading the book.  I just didn't like reading about the craze of Luke.

 Two great books and one good book (Teen Idol).  Well, In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator. 

Thanks for checking up on us!  Love, Elizabeth

162 books down, 62 days to go, 38 books left to read. 

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