Monday, July 12, 2010

168 books down, 53 days to go!

Hey All!  It's me, Elizabeth, Blogging from my Aunts house on her computer so this might have to be a shorter blog- which is difficult because I have finished three more books!
First I finished Sleepless by Cyb Balog which is about a sandman, Eron, who has to go into people's dreams and put them to sleep.  But then he meets one girl named Julia, whose boyfriend just died, and he can't seem to forget her.  He used to be human, and Eron remembers how it felt to lose someone.  But when Eron's duties are over and he becomes human again, only he knows of the danger Julia is in, and is ready to save her.  This book was pretty good, I just don't normally read book where the main character is a boy.

I also finished Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog, which is about a girl named Morgan whose boyfriend turns out to be a fairy who is going to get stolen form her and taken back to the fairy world.  So she and her boyfriend's family's Real child, Pip, (the fairies traded Cam, Morgan's boyfriend, with Pip- a human boy- upon Pip's birth) to save Cam and keep Cam and Morgan together. I wasn't into this book until half way through, when Morgan started having feelings for both Cam and Pip, but this book was overall pretty good.  The description wasn't very good though.

And last but not least, I finished My Fair Godmother.  This book is about a girl who receives a Fairy godmother when her sister steals her boyfriend.  She wishes her life could be like certain Fairy Tales, but she doesn't think her young fairy godmother will actually turn her life into the tales themselves, back in time.  But when one of her wishes sucks her "dream boy" into her world, her ex-boyfriend doesn't show up like she tried to describe, but another boy from her school.  Great book, lovable characters, cute romance.  Good read.

The average person laughs 15 times a day.
168 books down, 53 days to go.
Love, Elizabeth.


  1. re. the stat

    hahahahaha (1 down 14 to go)

  2. Two awesome book recommendations that I read this week and last. Both books were WOW for their quality of writing, characterizations, visual and evocative settings, and plot. AND both were FAST reads and available on Kindle and probably Nook. What more can you ask for?

    They are:

    "The Stolen One", a YA historical about a girl who may be the secret daughter of Queen Elizabeth I.

    "When You Reach Me," the 2010 Newberry Medal winner, set in 1978-79 New York City, about a girl who receives mysterious notes relating to time travel and saving a life. It has vague similarities to "Time Traveler's Wife".

    enjoy chicago,