Thursday, July 22, 2010

176 books down, 43 days to go!

Hey all!  I finished Vampire Academy books 2, 3, 4, and a book called When You Reach Me.
In Frostbite (2 of V.A. books) Rose and her friend Lissa go on a ski trip after Hell begins to break loose around their Academy.  But when one of Rose's friends, Mason, and his pals decide to go a mission to hunt some evil vampires who kill called Strigoi, things could get dangerous, and Rose and Christian (Lissa's boyfriend) realize she must go after them.  This is bad.  Danger comes inevitably and they are captured by Strigoi and the two harmless vampires of the student group, Christian and Mia, are forced to either eat one of their friends and turn Strigoi, or die.  Rose can't let this happen, she must escape, and she does.
In the third book, Rose is assigned to Moroi for six weeks (a 'good' vampire who doesn't kill) and her luck brings her to Christian, her not-so-likable pal.  But things can change, and as even more Hell breaks loose at the Academy (Rose killing many Strigoi) Moroi are starting to use their powers (they can have air powers, water, fire, or earth) to fight, which is unheard-of.  Things also get more dramatic with Rose's best friend Lissa as she and their pal they met on the ski trip, Adrian, practice their own unheard-of very rare element called spirit.  Rose's love Dimitri and her must battle against the Strigoi.
In Blood Promise, Rose runs away from Lissa and the Academy to find and kill her lover Dimitri who was turned into a Strigoi.  This journey leads her to Russia, Dimitri's family's house, and eventually a might-as-well-be jail where she is kept by Dimitri and other Strigoi.  But even when she breaks out and she thinks she killed Dimitri, she soon gets an unexpected surprise while back in the US.
I LOVED this series, and I am waiting to read the fifth and last one at camp.  Speaking of camp, I will not be blogging again for a good week and a half while I am at sleep-away camp.  But I promise to read!!  Best Series Ever, the Vampire Academy Series is (along with Pretty Little Liars).  The plots are kind of hard to explain, and the third book is a cliff hanger, but I will say my favorite book was the second book.

In When You Reach Me, a girl named Miranda's life gets turned upside down when she gets mysterious notes from an anonymous author.  In her first and most confusing and dangerous letter it says that the writer is coming to save his own life as well as Miranda's friends, but she has to write the source a letter before any of this can happen.  After more letters she finds out this person knows a LOT about her, too much.  But this writer makes her believe she can stop a death from ever happening.  She is interested by this until te notes make her believe the opposite, that she is too late.  I lvoed this book.  Absolutely fantastic!  Great quick read, and it's perfect for my age, the girl being only slightly younger then I am.

176 books down, 43 days to go!
As of July 2005, the smallest country in terms of population was Pitcairn Islands with 45 inhabitants!
Love, Elizabeth
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  1. I knew you would like "When You Reach me"! Rebecca Stead will be an automatic buy for me when she publishes next. I picked up that book after loving your recommendation of her MG novel, "First Light." Just emailed you 4 book recommendations--Wake, Fade and Gone by McMann and Something Like Fate by Colasanti. Bet you're close to 190 by now!

    Keep on, keeping on!