Monday, August 9, 2010

178 books down, 25 days to go! all!  YIKES!!! 25 days left and 28 books must be read!!!!  YIKES!  You see- I've been at camp for the past two weeks so I couldn't read even close to how often I thought I could.  BUT I can DO THIS!!  Here we go:  Spirit bound- the last book of the VA series that you can buy in the store!  And it had the worst most confusing ending ever!!  Linger, the second book in the series with Shiver, sucked in short.  I just didn't like the characters.  And now, the new character Cole and Grace's friend Isabel have their own chapters!  So now, the two love birds/ most adorable characters in this book, Grace and Sam, have to share the narrating time with Cole and Isabel.  By the way- this book is about two boys who turn from boy to wolf and back to boy again (though Sam didn't show signs of changing) and two girls who were in love/'crushing' on the wolf boys.  But at the same time, Lovely Little Grace was getting horribly sick and showed signs that make her mind lean toward the idea of turning into a wolf herself.

MUST READ THE VAMPIRE ACADEMY SERIES, and go ahead and read Shiver (I loved that book!) and read Linger if you must, as well, but I did not enjoy that book!

178 books down, 25 days to go!
Love, Elizabeth
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