Sunday, November 28, 2010

49 books down, 244 days to go!

Hey Everyone!
I finished three  books, Beautiful Darkness, Immortal, and Hush Money.  These three books were honestly awesome!  Beautiful Darkness is the sequel to Beautiful Creatures, one of my all-time favourite books.  The second is more focused on Lena's problems, yet Ethan's life at the same time.  In this book Lena leave Ethan after she trades her life for her uncle's, the only father she ever had, and the days tick tock down to her seventeenth moon, when her evil mother tries to claim her for the dark side.  Most of this book is about Ethan, the most dreamy, adorable, sweet, amazing, thoughtful, pure, honest, loyal boyfriend ever, trying to find Lena and convince her to come back to him, and make her happy again.  Immortal was almost exactly like twilight, but it was still really fun.  In this book the main character falls in love with two men, one named Samuel and one named Duncan.  but they are not vampires.  They are immortal and cold to the touch, and they bite to turn people, but they don't suck blood. 
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that was a vampire, even though Samuel and Duncan are not "vampires".
Hush Money is about a girl named Joss in a world where Talents hide among the mortal streets, Talents being superhumans.  Joss can move things with her mind.  Kat can force pain and blindness on people.  You get the point.  So when the typical bully, Marco, who is a talent, decides its time he tells her Talented sister's secret, as well as her sort-of-INSANE father's, Joss' long time crush and Marco's best friend Dylan steps up to help out.
All three are GREAT books.  I would say the order was definitely 1. Beautiful Darkness  2. Hush Money  3. Immortal

Well, thanks for reading, guys!
In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere.

Love, Elizabeth

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

46 books down, 248 days to go!!!

I have to make this quick- I read two books.  By the way, this is Elizabeth.  I read Snitch and The Extraordinary Secrets of April May and June  Snitch was okay, and April May and June was AMAZING!  I LOVED THE PLOT LINE!
This is why i have to be quick- I AM GOING TO CHINA WITH My SCHOOL! AND I NEED TO REPLY TODAY BEFORE SIX! I AM GOING TO CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elizabeth
Elizabeth S. is going to CHINA!

46 books down, 248 days to go!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

44 books down, 249 days to go!

Sorry for the long wait.  Only two books done this time.  Sorry, haven't had tons of time to read, but I have a pile waiting...
I read the next two books in House of Night.  I enjoyed these enough.  Actually, in my opinion, they were the best of the series so far.  Um, Zoey runs away with her group because of Kalona, this evil angel's, appearance.  She is attacked, hurt greviously, stuff like that.  It's not that I enjoy reading about pain, but I love the drama it adds.  The next book thickens the plotline as Kalona attempts to convince Zoey of their love.  And Stevie Rae is hiding a secret.
Overall, it's finally getting to the point where being a vampyre means something, and I can't wait to read the next book.  The only thing I'm annoyed with right now is how in Tempted, when the author switches the character being focused on, the point of view doesn't really change.  The only person with first person point of view is Zoey, and when the story focuses on another character, it's third-person limited.  Not a big fan of the changes in voice, but overall it's still a good read.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

42 books down, 258 days to go!

I, Elizabeth, have finished four more books, Perfect Chemistry and Bitten and Halfway to The Grave and Glee.  Perfect Chemistry is about a stereo-typical gang-banger who falls in love with the stereo-typical pom-pom cheerleader.  The only thing is that there lives are unimaginably hard, which others do not see.  Beautiful, meaningful novel of two opposites pulled together by fate.  Loved it....!!!! Bitten is about a women, parents dead and gone, who has grown up as anything but normal.  Elena is engaged to a man, a werewolf.  But the thing is that he has turned Elena into one as well.  She moves away from him and lives what can only described as a normal life... except for once a week- when she turned into a wolf.  But when things get complicated, Elena must move back.  Halfway to the Grave is about is about a girl named Catherine, half-vampire who hunts vampires, looking for her vampire father. When she is captured by Bones, a "vampire bounty hunter," she realizes that not every vampire is evil.  Some could even save her life.  Glee can only be described as the novel reflecting the hit Fox TV Show Series, Glee.  Wonderful "popcorn candy" read (a book read for nothing but fun with no real meaning).  Great books, overall.  Thanks for reading, Thrity-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married.   Love, Elizabeth

42 books down, 258 days to go.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

38 books down, 302 days to go...

Hi!  Okay, so technically I've read two books, but one Elizabeth already blogged about, so I'm ignoring that one.  The other is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.  Okay.  I hate Dickens.  The only reason I read this is because of Honors English 10.  Now, don't get me wrong.  The first paragraph is great, and the ending is bittersweet.  But the actual story takes forever.  Yeah, if you don't have to read this, I'd say go with Shakespeare instead.  It's easier to understand than Dickens.
For those who don't know the plot, the French Revolution is about to start in France.  With it comes the Guillotine, the newest device to behead people with.  The plot is actually pretty complicated...the two cities are London, England, and Paris, France...Yeah, I thought that this story would have been better without the page long paragraphs that Dickens felt the need to add in to bore us to death...just my opinion, though.
Love from Justi!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

37 books down, 305 days to go!

Sorry...haven't read nearly enough lately!  I've been writing, studying, practicing for an honors concert...but, hey, I finished a book I just got yesterday.  So I'm in a good mood.
I read The Lost Hero, the first book in the new series by Rick Riordan.  This is, well, a companion series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  Jason wakes up on a bus with no prior memory, but with two friends who apparently know him.  Soon he becomes entangled in a fight to save Hera from Mother Earth herself.  At first, it was a little hard to follow, since the Roman references didn't add up.  But the ending, which leads to the series' plot line, makes it all worth it.  Great read!
Love from Justi!

36 books down, 305 days to go!!!

HEY ALL!!!  BUSY BUSY BUSY (just wait till high school, they tell me).
I, Elizabeth Sweet, am very sorry I haven't blogged in so long.  But I finished 6 books!  YAY!
First I finished Need, a book about a girl who is obsessed with phobias, being stalked by an evil pixie in the middle of freezing no where Maine, and is in love with a-  Well, you'll see if you read it.  I LOVED this book.  It was definitely more my-age-appropriate.  Great read.
I also finished Waking the Witch, a book that my Aunt recommended. This is about a women (21 I think?? A little too old for me- but it was free since my Aunt lent it to me so I gladly read it-- losing money fast- those darned ebooks :) ) who is a witch who is also on her first real case investigating a murder with her half-demon buddy, Jesse.  Good read.
I also read Midnighters 1, 2, and 3.  Insanely good reads!!!!
And lastly I read Everlost, a book about two teens who die in a car crash, and are figuring out what it's really like to be dead, and what it means to be a "Greensoul" in the world of the Everlost.  AMAZING!! I loved it, I really did!
Love, Elizabeth
36 books down, 305 days to go!!!