Sunday, November 28, 2010

49 books down, 244 days to go!

Hey Everyone!
I finished three  books, Beautiful Darkness, Immortal, and Hush Money.  These three books were honestly awesome!  Beautiful Darkness is the sequel to Beautiful Creatures, one of my all-time favourite books.  The second is more focused on Lena's problems, yet Ethan's life at the same time.  In this book Lena leave Ethan after she trades her life for her uncle's, the only father she ever had, and the days tick tock down to her seventeenth moon, when her evil mother tries to claim her for the dark side.  Most of this book is about Ethan, the most dreamy, adorable, sweet, amazing, thoughtful, pure, honest, loyal boyfriend ever, trying to find Lena and convince her to come back to him, and make her happy again.  Immortal was almost exactly like twilight, but it was still really fun.  In this book the main character falls in love with two men, one named Samuel and one named Duncan.  but they are not vampires.  They are immortal and cold to the touch, and they bite to turn people, but they don't suck blood. 
<[         O
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that was a vampire, even though Samuel and Duncan are not "vampires".
Hush Money is about a girl named Joss in a world where Talents hide among the mortal streets, Talents being superhumans.  Joss can move things with her mind.  Kat can force pain and blindness on people.  You get the point.  So when the typical bully, Marco, who is a talent, decides its time he tells her Talented sister's secret, as well as her sort-of-INSANE father's, Joss' long time crush and Marco's best friend Dylan steps up to help out.
All three are GREAT books.  I would say the order was definitely 1. Beautiful Darkness  2. Hush Money  3. Immortal

Well, thanks for reading, guys!
In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere.

Love, Elizabeth

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