Monday, December 6, 2010

52 books down, 236 days to go!

Hey Everyone!  I finished three books in 8 days (i know, i know, kinda lame!). I finished the first two books in in the Trylle Series, as well as When It Happens.  The Trylle series is about a girl who finds out what she hopes is a lie, that she is not her mother's child.  That she is not human.  She is Trylle who can make people do things with her mind.  But she's not just any Trylle.  She's royalty, a princess destined to rule her mother or her father's palaces, which are basically good, and bad palaces.  But she is also falling in love with her on-again-off-again "body guard."  So, that about sums up both books.  Pretty good!  When it Happens is about a girl named Sara who is falling in love with a boy named Tobey.  Too bad she already has a boy friend.  The Greek-god Dave.  Sara has never been popular so when handsome Dave asks her to be his girlfriend, she gladly accepts.  But her mind keeps going back to mysterious Tobey, with his pale skin, dark hair, and violet blue eyes.  Not to mention he is a total rock-star-wannabe slacker.  Not to mention she has a boyfriend.  But judging by the way he treats Sara maybe she won't for long.... unless, of course, Tobey likes her back like he said he did.... Good book but kinda boring.
Love, Elizabeth
52 books down, 236 days to go!
A cat's jaws cannot move sideways.

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