Friday, December 17, 2010

Hey all! 56 books down, 225 days to go!

Hi!  It's me Elizabeth - again.  I finished four books, all in the same series, which just so happens to be my new favorite series of all time besides the mortal instruments.  These books are part of the My Blood Approves series.  This series is about a girl named Alice, who is in love with a vampire, and soon becomes one.  But for a while, her blood is connected to the breath-taking vampire Peter, who is her boyfriend Jack's "brother."  When this bond breaks, Peter falls to piece and moves away with his vampire friend Mae.  But when Alice's mortal friend Jane becomes a "blood-whore," someone who goes to vampire clubs and becomes a bit addict (which can kill you), and then later is murdered, Alice is out for blood.  I know it's a bad summary but I couldn't do much better because these books were all so good that when I read them I immediately moved on to the next one so it seemed like one realllyy long, amazing book.  GO FOR IT, everyone of all ages!!!! Come one come all and read this series!
Elizabeth S
56 books down, 225 days to go!
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