Tuesday, November 23, 2010

44 books down, 249 days to go!

Sorry for the long wait.  Only two books done this time.  Sorry, haven't had tons of time to read, but I have a pile waiting...
I read the next two books in House of Night.  I enjoyed these enough.  Actually, in my opinion, they were the best of the series so far.  Um, Zoey runs away with her group because of Kalona, this evil angel's, appearance.  She is attacked, hurt greviously, stuff like that.  It's not that I enjoy reading about pain, but I love the drama it adds.  The next book thickens the plotline as Kalona attempts to convince Zoey of their love.  And Stevie Rae is hiding a secret.
Overall, it's finally getting to the point where being a vampyre means something, and I can't wait to read the next book.  The only thing I'm annoyed with right now is how in Tempted, when the author switches the character being focused on, the point of view doesn't really change.  The only person with first person point of view is Zoey, and when the story focuses on another character, it's third-person limited.  Not a big fan of the changes in voice, but overall it's still a good read.

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