Sunday, November 14, 2010

42 books down, 258 days to go!

I, Elizabeth, have finished four more books, Perfect Chemistry and Bitten and Halfway to The Grave and Glee.  Perfect Chemistry is about a stereo-typical gang-banger who falls in love with the stereo-typical pom-pom cheerleader.  The only thing is that there lives are unimaginably hard, which others do not see.  Beautiful, meaningful novel of two opposites pulled together by fate.  Loved it....!!!! Bitten is about a women, parents dead and gone, who has grown up as anything but normal.  Elena is engaged to a man, a werewolf.  But the thing is that he has turned Elena into one as well.  She moves away from him and lives what can only described as a normal life... except for once a week- when she turned into a wolf.  But when things get complicated, Elena must move back.  Halfway to the Grave is about is about a girl named Catherine, half-vampire who hunts vampires, looking for her vampire father. When she is captured by Bones, a "vampire bounty hunter," she realizes that not every vampire is evil.  Some could even save her life.  Glee can only be described as the novel reflecting the hit Fox TV Show Series, Glee.  Wonderful "popcorn candy" read (a book read for nothing but fun with no real meaning).  Great books, overall.  Thanks for reading, Thrity-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married.   Love, Elizabeth

42 books down, 258 days to go.

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