Sunday, November 7, 2010

36 books down, 305 days to go!!!

HEY ALL!!!  BUSY BUSY BUSY (just wait till high school, they tell me).
I, Elizabeth Sweet, am very sorry I haven't blogged in so long.  But I finished 6 books!  YAY!
First I finished Need, a book about a girl who is obsessed with phobias, being stalked by an evil pixie in the middle of freezing no where Maine, and is in love with a-  Well, you'll see if you read it.  I LOVED this book.  It was definitely more my-age-appropriate.  Great read.
I also finished Waking the Witch, a book that my Aunt recommended. This is about a women (21 I think?? A little too old for me- but it was free since my Aunt lent it to me so I gladly read it-- losing money fast- those darned ebooks :) ) who is a witch who is also on her first real case investigating a murder with her half-demon buddy, Jesse.  Good read.
I also read Midnighters 1, 2, and 3.  Insanely good reads!!!!
And lastly I read Everlost, a book about two teens who die in a car crash, and are figuring out what it's really like to be dead, and what it means to be a "Greensoul" in the world of the Everlost.  AMAZING!! I loved it, I really did!
Love, Elizabeth
36 books down, 305 days to go!!!

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