Sunday, August 22, 2010

187 books down, 12 days to go.

I officially have 12 days to read 13 books!  That's about 1.1 books a day!!  God, I will do anything at this point to get Zoe to blog!  The rules (yeah, I'm very into following rules- especially when they're my own- because I feel I am cheating myself) say that we are not allowed to blog for each other, but they do not say that you can't just list the books you have read and say whether you liked it or not, instead of describing the plot.  But I don't think there is anyway I can get her to blog.
So now I have to read 13 books by myself.  In 12 days.  We are not near a library (Go Cape Cod!) and I don't have the money to buy books so... good luck to me.  I might just have Mom drive me to the local book store and spend my allowances that have been building up in Dad's wallet getting books.  Or... maybe... Mom would buy them for me.  Yeah, I guess I can make that happen :)
So anyway, I read three books.  The books in the Evernight Series.
I have to make this short so I can catch Mom before she leaves to go to the grocery store (I'll ask her to take me to the book store after she goes to buy food).  So basically in book one Young Almost-A-Vampire Bianca (she was born a vampire and needs to bite people and turn them into vampires to change- basically she has to bite the sane person three times) falls in love with mysterious, violent, vampire-hunting Lucas.  But when the school finds out Lucas is part of the Black Cross vampire hunters, he is kicked out and Bianca must go after him.  Book two- They will do anything they can to be together, even lying to family and close friends.  Because they are sooo in love.  Bleh.  All they ever seem to do when they are alone is kiss each other much-too-passionately.  In book three- Bianca and Lucas continue their romance, living with the Black Cross that doesn't know she is basically a vampire.  But when the Black Cross kidnap Bianca's vampire friend Balthazar, Bianca must leave (with Lucas of course) to save the good person that he is.
Overall, these weren't the best books ever but I like the first and the third better than the second, so basically not enough happened in the second to pull me into the story.  Also, Lucas and Bianca kiss too much and in the first book you don't find out that Lucas and Bianca's boarding school is for vampires.  Or that Bianca is part vampire, as well as her parents.  Or that she was one of only, like, 3 people born this century by two vampires.  My friends liked that "surprise!" style of writing, me not so much.  (The books covers attached are not in order!)

In 32 years there are about 1 billion seconds! 

187 books down, 12 days to go!!!!

Love, Elizabeth

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