Thursday, February 18, 2010

67 books down, 181 days to go.

It's Liz again.
So, i finished Fragile Eternity (#3 in the Wicked Lovely Series) but before i give you gys the review, i have bad news!! :( I completely forgot that you can't download books on your nook outside of the country and right now I'm in Cayman Islands and I just finished my last book on my nook! So now I can't buy more book until Tuesday, when I get back. Oh No! But I might be able to find a book store on this small island...
Anyway, I finiished Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr and I loved it. In this book Aislinn is feeling closer and closer to her summer king Keenan as summer comes. And Seth, Aislinn's mortal boyfriend and best friend is noticing this.
Lately Aislinn has been upset because she knows her mortal boyfriend/best friend is going to die someday while she lives on and so will her a Grandmother who also means the world to her. So Keenan comforts her and Seth drifts apart because he is not strong enough or "important enough" to be a faery. So he goes to the high queen and asks to become a faery even though there is a chance that she will kill him, which she does'nt :) . Instead she becomes his Mother (loonng story). But in return for becoming a faery he must spend one out of the twelve months each year with Scorcha the High Faery Queen but little does he know that one month in Faery is six months in the mortal realm.
So since Aislinn doesn't know where Seth is she thinks he left her and is crushed. So she gives Keenan a chance (nooooo). I don't like Keenan. Anyway, before they can get to serious Seth comes back as a full on fey and confronts Ash about her and Keenan. Faeries can't lie so Aislinn didn't tell Seth she didn't feel happy with Keenan (She is his Summer Queen afterall- drawn by the forces of Summer). So in the last couple of pages Seth leaves AGAIN but tells Ash that once she's ready to just have him in his life she can think and then come get him. I got all worried but it's okay because also, right before the book ends, he goes to Niall (his best friend/"brother" and the Dark King) and asks to be trained with the hounds (a kind of faery) to be able to defend himself and maybe his queen and be able to fight.

The first outdoor sign advertising "Coca-Cola" still exists. It was originally painted in 1894 and is located in Cartersville, Georgia.

Love Lizzy S.

67 books down, 181 days to go.

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