Thursday, February 4, 2010

60 books down, 195 days to go!

So, here's the thing.
We have finished 60 books (actually: Lizzy S.- around 50 Zoe- around ten ). So we have read 3/10 of the books we need to read. That's about a third. The problem is that about 19/37 of our time is left! Half of 37 is 18.5 so we basically have half of the time left the we had at the beginning!
But don't worry, I'm not completely pessimistic. We definitely have been doing better with our *blank* books read with *blank* days to go numbers compared to a couple of months ago.
Sorry, I'm kind of in the math mood right now. I'm not in school today because I have a nasty cough, headache, stuffy nose, etc. In fact, yesterday Mom took me to the doctors and they drew my blood to test me for Mono! Ahhhh!
So, I finished a book called My Soul To Take, the sequel to My Soul to Lose, which Zoe happens to be reading (coincidence. I bought My Soul To Take -nook- not knowing it was a sequel and Zoe downloaded the free My Soul to Lose -nook-).
In this book Kaylee finds out she's a bean sidhe (pronounced banshee). When people die she has to resist the urge to scream, when really she's soul singing. When she soul sings a male bean sidhe can grasp the soul that is currently being taken by the reaper and put it back into the humans body.
In this book Kaylee finds out that her aunt is making deals with a reaper (a person who dies and is hired to go around collecting souls when 'its their set time to go') to make her young again. There are two reasons why her human aunt does this. First, she wants to stay young with her bean sidhe husband who reached the age where his physical appearance will stop aging. Second, she was a vile, self-conceited, superficial woman who just wants to look young.
So, this is how the deal worked: Aunt Val gives the reaper lots of money. The reaper kills five teenage girls and gives their souls to the master. Then the reaper will make Val young.
It is only possible for a pair of bean sidhes to save a soull while the soul is being taken -so a bean sidhe couldn't save a soul that has already been taken and given to the soul master who then gives it to the reincarnation center. Also, when the soul is being saved another life is taken in return. SO when Kaylee and her bean sidhe boyfriend Nash save Emma, Kaylees best friend, anybody in the room is at risk of being taken in reurn, including the twi bean sidhes.
So thats pretty much it. Confusing, right?

"Tom Sawyer" was the first novel written on a typewriter.

Love, Lizzy S.

60 books down, 195 days to go!!!

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