Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey it's Lizzy (duh) and I finished 2 more books!
The first book I finished was called L.A. Candy. This book wasn't the best for someone my age, 3/5 stars for a sixth grader. You see, no matter what the books is, I have to finish once I have started it. And even though it wasn't the most appropriate (minor sex scene, alcohol drinking) it really was a candy, sugar sweet, pointless book. And I needed that, because I have been reading this really confusing fantasy books. So, this book is about two best friends that move to L.A. (not to be actresses) and they are discovered by a producer, and before they no it they have their own show, a "reality version of sex in the city."
The other book I read was called Going too far, which I really liked. This book was again not the MOST appropriate but not toooo bad. It was a nice romance but it had some small references to sex and alcohol (what books don't anymore?) but there is no sex scene and the plot is really great. The background of the beginning of book is: a girl named Meg is sometimes doing drugs and was having "casual sex" with her "boyfriend" but one day when she gets caught tress-passing on a bridge drunk she gets a big punishment. Meg has to drive around with the cop that who caught her on the bridge for a week while he is doing the night shift (10pm to 6am). Little does she know that just a year and a half ago he was in her Spanish class (a year older, though) and she is about to fall in love with him. Meg had cancer when she was young and she has many difficulties in her life, including her disapproving parents leaving her to go on their first vacation since shes been born, extreme claustrophobia, commitment issues and planning, and she is convinsed she is still dying even though she is cancer free. Anyway, she falls in love with the Cop, John. And he saves her. He pulls her back to life, practicality, and reality. And she soon excepts that she's not dying. And dyes her her back to brown, instead of blue. (SHOUTOUT TO A.M. FROM N.J. You'd ike this book I think. You'd also like the wicked lovely series if you haven't already read it.)

A catfish has approximately 100,000 taste buds.

Love, Lizzy S. :)

63 b
ooks down, 191 days to go!!!

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