Sunday, June 20, 2010

154 books down, 75 days to go!

Hey All!
Big news!  As it turns out, I messed up the dates!  We don't have 60 days left, we have 75 as of today!  I even counted on the calender!  As of 6.20.10 there are 75 days until September 3!  Yay!
Anyway, I finished a book, Pretty Little Liars.
In this book five girls are bound together by their secrets that were given to the queen bee of the group, Alison.  But when Alison mysteriously goes missing and is found dead under concrete almost four years later, the four girls who have drifted apart must come back together.  After all, they are all getting notes from "A", a character who seems to know only secrets Ali knew about each girl.  There are threats, notes about things that had happened just that day, and mysterious presences.  How does "A" know Hanna became so skinny by making herself throw up?  How does "A" know about Aria's dad cheating on her mother and Aria's strong relationship and attraction to her English teach?  How does "A" know Spencer kissed her sister's boyfriend in 7th grade, the summer before Ali went missing, and has now kissed her older sister's new boyfriend?  And lastly, How does "A" know that Emily thinks she might be lesbian and has kissed the new girl and that Emily kissed Alison in 7th grade and wrote her a love note?  How is "A" so knowledgeable?  (Is that a word?)  And how is Alison dead... and who killed her?
Intense book but much too inappropriate- I'm going to stick to the TV show based on this series instead!

In parts of Alaska, it's illegal to feed alcohol to a moose.

Love, Elizabeth S

154 books down, 75 days to go!

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  1. I think your reviews give away too much about the book. You should focus more on giving people your thoughts on the book than giving away major plot points. The book sounds really bad (sorry!), but not THAT inappropriate. It is young adult lit., after all!
    Thanks for hearing me out!
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