Saturday, June 5, 2010

146, 74 days to go!

Hey All!
I finished Old Magic and Glimmerglass.

Glimmerglass is a wonderful book about a girl named Dana who runs away from her alcoholic mother to be with her father in Avalon, the world of Fae.  Dana becomes a Faerie walker, a rare person who can live and get from one world (Avalon) to the other.  She can bring technology into Avalon, and magic to humanity.  But now people either want to kill her, or want her to retrieve her things from the different world, and has new friends, family... a new life.  She is changing.  She never thought she would ever have a chance with Ethan (Fae) but she did.  But she must decide how to live, what to do with her life.  Could things ever settle down and go back to 'normal'?

Old magic is a bout a girl named Kate with magical powers who meets the new boy Jarrod, who also has powers but refuses to except it.  When the topic of magic comes up between the two, Jarrod labels Kate and her grandmother insane.  But when proof gets stronger of the curse on his family, Jarrod puts his disbelieves to the test and travels back in time with Kate to the medieval days.  They have to stop the Jarrod's ancestor from ever putting the spell on his family, which is driving his family insane, his father suicidal, his brother having near-death experiences.  But Kate is kidnapped, and Jarrod must embrace his powers, and train himself to save Kate, who he is beginning to fall in love with (in my opinion).  Great book, I really can't wait to see if there will be a second book.  By the way, the boy DOES NOT FIT JARROD AND NEITHER DOES THE GIRL (on the cover)!  Jarrod has really long, silky blond hair and beautiful green eyes (I picture him having soft features around the face) and Kate has almost clear they are so light blue almond eyes and she looks Hawaiian and has long, silky, black, jet black hair, and she almost looks like ghost.  But their expressions are correct!  ;)

43.7% of all statistics are made up right on the spot 
Love, Elizabeth S.
146 books down, 74 days to go!

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