Sunday, May 30, 2010

144 books down, 80 days to go!

With less than 3 months to go, Zoe and Elizabeth, two avid readers (and sisters), are up for the challenge of finishing 200 books in one year!
Well, at least, I (Elizabeth) am.  I'll work on Zoe.  ;)
I finished Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess.
Meredith, a 15 year old girl, lives in a condo with her mother.  But her father isn't dead, or even missing.  He's locked up.  With his frightening aura away, Meredith begins to regain the feeling of safety, well, at least until he returns. He might be a baseball coach, but he has abused many girls and boys at Mer's school, including Meredith herself.  Meredith is more terrorized than ever, but her mother is anything but.  She is eager to have Mer's father back, and wants more than anything another child. Meredith and her perolized friend Andy must deal with the nightmare eating them away, having Mer's father around.  this book was intense and chilling, but not explicit.

I also finished The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks.  This is an Australian book, I believe, considering the way it is written.  At first I didn't like this book, it was rather boring, I wasn't really sucked into the story, and I kept thinking I would fall in love with it, but I never did.  In this book permanently 15 year old Nina Harrison is a vampire in the Reformed Vampire Support Group.  But these vampire's aren't like others in stories.  They are just the opposite.  Sickly, sensitive, and feeding from guinea pigs, refusing to drink human blood or create more vampires.  Nina hates her life.  It's boring, risky, it's anything but normal.  But when Casimir is shot and staked, a old-time member of their group, the vampires are forced to move in with Nina's mortal mother. A fterall, the killer could now the whereabouts of all of the vampires in the RVSG, and no vampire hunter would think to look in a mortal's home.  But they can't live that way forever, so Dave (who happens to be in love with Nina) and mortal Father R go on a jurney tracking down American silver Bullet Buyers.  They run across a Werewolf Fighting club, save Rueben, a handsome vamipire, from his sick life, and end up getting into more trouble then they thought they possible could have. I wanted to like this book, but I honestly just did not.

I have to go again (my grandparents are visiting soon, have to help my Mom get ready!) but I did finish a few more books, Hex Hall (totally awesome- should have reviewed that one!), The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez, Plan B, and One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies.

The US has about 9 billion chickens. China has more than 13 billion.

Love, Elizabeth S.

144 books down, 80 days to go!

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