Sunday, May 9, 2010

128 books down, 101 days to go!

Hey All! My new nook came, I don't have to read paper-backs any more!  I finished three books!  Yay!
The first book I finished is called Harmless by Dana Reinhardt.
 In this book two best friends, Emma and Annie, are in their freshmen year at High School when they meet a new girl named Mariah and be her friends to become more popular.  The girls go to one of Mariah's boyfriends parties one night but tell their parents that they are going to the movies.  Little do they know, their parents show up to check on them at the movies!  But the girls don't want to get in trouble, being so young and going to a wild party, so of course, they lie.  But this isn't an innocent little white lie ("We felt really bad for one of the girls in our grade, she was all alone, so we decided to hang out with her instead.")  No, they said that a man attacked them on the way to the movies.  Not smart.
The parents of Annie and Emma, of course, call the police and have them talk to the girls.  The best friends are too scared to give in now, though.   Everything goes out of control, which they never meant to happen, and are known for defending themselves against the crazy man.  But soon a man, who never did anything to harm Emma and Annie, gets arrested for the crime, they begin to realize just how wrong they've been and just how serious their actions are becoming.

I also read Kiss of Death, the last (?) book in the Morganville Vampires series, by Rachel Caine.  In this book one of the four best friends, Michael, living in the Glass House, who also happens to be a vampire in a vampire-infested town, gets a record deal for being such a fantastic musician at 19 years old.  So Claire, a 17 year old mortal, and her two mortal friends Shane and Eve get permission to go with Michael and another, older, vampire assistant to record Michael's music, and things go horribly wrong, a road trip from Hell.  The five stumble upon another vampire infested town.  Well, not really stumble.  Claire, Shane, and Eve get kid-napped by  vampire breaking out of their hometown, Morganville, and Shane and Eve end up being taken there.  But this town is full of sick vampires and unprotected humans hiding for their lives.  But after a harsh battle things actually settle down, and the book ends the series (?) in the perfect way.

The last book I read is called Runaway by Meg Cabot, the third and last (?) book in the Airhead series.  In this series and evil company, Stark Enterprises, "owns" a model named Nikki Howard, one of the most famous faces on Earth, and when she finds out a huge secret leading to more secrets, which she doesn't know about, they most act.  They kill Nikki Howard's brain.  But they can't their biggest form of profit, so they preform a surgery, which we find out in this book, has been preformed many times in secrecy by the company.  They switch Emerson Watts' (17)  brain into Nikki's body.  Just a smart, nerdy, nobody girl they killed for their own profit.  In this book Em is kid-napped by her "boyfriend" (Brandon threatened her into calling herself that) and son of Stark Enterprise's Robert Stark, along with the real Nikki, who we found out in the last book IS alive in another body that nobody knows about, and Nikki's mother and brother.  But when the four a rescued by Em's real boyfriend and best friend in the world, things go horribly wrong.   Em's relationship with Christopher is falling apart at the same time as she finds herself falling deeper and deeper into the secrets of Stark.  But Christopher the hero and his house arrest 14 year old cousin help Em uncover their biggest secret yet, stockholders buying humans off of Stark so that they can have their brains transplanted into younger bodies with plenty on potential, killing the body's brain in the process. Stark gets busted, surprisingly without killing Em's little sister in the process (Robert Stark threatened to if their secret got out.)  Great book, I LOVE Christopher in this book, and as always I love Em.

The longest game of underwater Monopoly lasted for 45 days!

Love, Elizabeth.

128 books down, 101 days to go!
I'll have Zoe blog, she finished a book also, I think.  Haven't heard much from her lately, have we?!

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  1. i guess zoe provides the moral support for elizabeth.