Wednesday, May 19, 2010

138 books down, 91 days to go!

Hey Everyone!  Sorry I haven't blogged in so long, MCAS got in the way (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System blah blah) but when you're done with testing you get to read and get this: I have read 8 books since May 9th.  Also, please comment to let us know whether or not plays count as books because I also finished the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
Anyway, I read Lucky and Gorgeous which are two books in a series about the Avery sisters.  Lucky is the first book which is about the youngest of the Avery girls, Phoebe, who is smart, rich, popular and 'gorgeous.'  Phoebe is having a middle school graduation party with her popular friends but when Claire Avery loses her job things get bad for Phoebe, who doesn't seem to have a care in the world.  The Averys are going broke in a town full of rich snobs.  But Phoebe is just a naive, spoiled girl.  How is she supposed to feel?  In Gorgeous ninth grade Allison or 'Alison with ONE l' (Long story) is in the same position at the same time, but Allison doesn't seem to be popular or pretty the way Phoebe is.  She tries to understand her family's situation but money doesn't matter much to her.  Her family does, and her friends.  But when new girl Roxie Greene moves to town, a gorgeous model from NYC, Allison must figure out who her real friends are.  Also, she sold her cell phone to the devil so 7/6 people would think she was gorgeous, her crush, Roxie, and a modeling photographer.  Yep, that's right, "interesting-looking" Allison who never really cared much about her looks sneaks into a modeling agency to escort Roxie, but ends up getting photographed and becomes a semi-finalist in a competition.  I loved the second one, though the first book, Lucky, was good too.  Phoebe's a little bit of a brat though.  I like Allison though she is kind of shallow for part of the book.
I also read Girl Overboard.  In this book Syrah Cheng is a 15 year old girl, the daughter of billionaire Ethan Cheng.  Syrah loves skiing and has wanted to go professional but when she gets in a fatal accident things change for the worst.  She is not the perfect girl everyone thinks she is.  Her adult half-siblings hate her, her best-friend's girl friend is ruining her and Age's relationship and she is left alone by her working parents. But when Syrah becomes classmates with a classmate named Lillian who has a sister with cancer, Syrah begins to help Lillian's family with a project to help fight against cancer and Syrah learns about her culture, relationships and even the possibility of death.

Well, I have to go now but here are the other books I read; Dance with a Vampire (the fourth book in the Vampire Kisses Series), Radiant Shadows (the fourth book in the Wicked Lovely Series- Maggie if you are out there these books are must reads- great!), Witch and Wizard, go Ask Alice (inappropriate and intense- not recommended- I read it because someone told me it was a classic, but they never said it would be dirty!) and Sweet Far Thing.  I am now onto the fifth book in the Vampire Kisses Series.  Thanks so much!

138 books down, 91 days to go.

Love, Elizabeth Sweet.

The tentacles of the giant Arctic jellyfish can reach 120 feet (36.6 meters) in length.

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