Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hey Everyone!
A new, fresh year has started and I have a good way to start us off!  Three books, put into two volumes, have already been read!
I finished the three books in the Secret Circle Series.  I liked this series, mostly, which is about  girl who moves to New Salem, Massachusetts, with her Mom to be with her grandmother.  New Salem is very close to where the witch trials from centuries ago took place, and soon, with the help of the mysterious cult-like Secret Circle club, Cassy finds out that she is a witch. She is one of twelve witches in the Circle, and after she is initiated a handsome member shows them a Skull.  A magic skull that ends up sending out negative energy.  But when someone finds out that Cassy has more than just a Buddy-Buddy relationship with the handsome Adam, who happens to be her best friend's boyfriend, she is put to the test and held captive by the secret holder.  But things get dicey with the Circle and it's problems escalate, as characters die and strange and eerie coincidences occur. Cassy's secret is on the brink of becoming opened.   And if so, will her best friend Diana freak out? Hate her forever, never to speak to her again?
An okay book, but the main character Cassy was a very weak character, never standing up for herself and letting others bully her.  I tried to over look this though, and she gets better in the last of the three books.  Overall, good three books.  Really good, if you can excuse Cassy's weak attitude.

Barak O'bama is left-handed – the sixth post-war president to be left-handed

3 books down, 364 days to go!!!  Woo-hoo!



  1. hi...great start! I will join you once AP testing and marching band dies down! I've ordered five books from the library, and am currently reading two...

  2. What an exciting project! As a fellow avid reader, I was instantly intrigued. Best of luck with your challenge!