Monday, September 13, 2010

6 books down, 359 days to go!

Guess what!  I found time to read a book!  I'm so happy the way, this is Justi, for those who haven't realized that Justi is in high school with stupid honors courses and band...great job to Elizabeth, by the way, for an awesome start!
So, I read the book If I Stay by Gayle Forman.  I loved it.  Took about two hours to finish, a small and easy read, but full of meaning.  The main character, Mia, is a victim of a car crash, with most of the book being flashbacks with her pondering what's left in her world if she chooses to stay, even though giving up could be more appealing.  I enjoyed it for many reasons.  Mia is a major music nerd, a cellist, so much of what she said and alluded to made sense to me.  The story itself is intriguing, with her going on about how she had gotten her boyfriend, how her nemesis had become her best friend in one day, stuff like that.
Several parts, of course, nearly made me cry.  All the allusions to death, and the afterlife...not what I normally read about.  But, Elizabeth, your 'Aunt Mari' suggested this to me who knows how long ago, so I took the liberty to finally read it...and I would recommend whoever looks at this blog to read it, too.  I'll say this much: it has a super sweet ending...!
So, my first book is done!  Go me!  And Elizabeth!

A chapel in the Czech Republic uses 40,000-70,000 HUMAN SKELETONS as decoration.

Again, 6 books down, 359 days to go!
Love from Justi* 

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