Sunday, September 12, 2010

5 books down, 360 books down!

Hey all!
Since I am so young (compared to Justi) I didn't have homework this weekend, the first weekend off of 7th grade (yes, I have only been in school for 3 days!) so I finished two books this weekend.  Frozen Fire and Shimmer.
In Frozen Fire Dusty gets a mysterious phone call from a boy who claims he is about to dies of an overdose.  But when she follows his tracks in the snow outside, that eventually just stop, Dusty is confused. This boy was important, she needed to find him.  He had said something to her that she couldn't get out of her head, the same sentence that her brother said before he disappeared. So when she runs across some guys looking for the same boy, she knows he is not dead. But she does not tell them she has heard from the boy, not until she finds out what the boy knows about her brother. This book was okay.  Dusty was a spunky, spiteful tomboy with too much of a negative attitude and none of the other characters seemed to have any characteristics at all.  This book was sort of creepy, but when the mystery is solved, it is only partly solved, and much is left unsolved.  confusing.
Shimmer is about a group of kids at a party that open up a mysterious old box, later referred o by the main characters Emma, Justin, Betina, and Russ as the Pandora Box.  Because when it is opened, the 7 deadly sins are released and the whole town goes crazy, killing people, eating constantly, and attacking each other.  And when they realize that their classmate is carrying the infectious insanity virus, they seem to be the only people in the town unaffected.  And they must stay that way.  The characters go on a crazy journey, running for their lives across their snowy town, unable to get out because of the avalanches.  And when some characters flake out, it is up to a certain two characters to save the day... or at least their lives.

About 1/3 of American adults are at least 20% above their recommended weight.

Yeah, I figured.

Love, Elizabeth :)

5 books down, 360 days to go!

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