Sunday, January 2, 2011

65 books down, 209 days to go...!

I've read three books.  I am Morgan le Fay was about why the sorceress found a hatred in the first place...her life story.  Not the best, but it was okay if you are into Arthurian legend...
Notes from the Midnight Driver is sort of a sequel to Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie.  A boy gets drunk and is put in community the local nursing home.  A grumpy old man is his charge.  So, what's he gonna do?  I think he changed too fast, but overall it was okay.  Not the best, but it was fun to read.
Red Glass is a great book.  Really, I don't know how, since there isn't really magic in it whatsoever, but it is my new favorite.  Mexican culture mixed with references to other stories...a simple enough storyline, but it compels you to continue.  Very descriptive, and I think, even if you don't care about Central America at all, this is a good read.

So, 65 books down...!

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