Thursday, January 20, 2011

85 books down, 191 days to go!

Justi here, by the way.  Six books, and more on the way...!
First of all, three more Doctor Who books.  Not done with those, btw, but I'm taking a needed break from the Whoniverse.  Prisoner of the Daleks was okay...first DW book I read where so many die.  But that's expected, and it was an okay read.  Autonomy...a little confusing.  It would have been better without the complex setting--a supermall/minitown.  But besides the setting, this one was pretty DW believable.  The Krillitane Storm was one of my favorites.  Set in the middle of the Dark Ages, Krillitanes come, and they aren't trying to take over the world.  Bummer, huh?  Anyhow, besides the characters getting a little predictable, it was okay.
Burned, the seventh House of Night novel, was all right.  I'm reading the eighth book right now, so I need to hold opinion back until then, but currently Burned is my favorite in the series.
Two more.  I'm reading Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket...I know these are aimed at younger kids, but I never read them, and I'm finding them quite amusing.  So, the two I've read that are 200+ pages are The Wide Window and The Austere Academy.  Austere Academy is my favorite...two triplets, though, instead of three, which made me very sad.  Snicket writes in an amusing and witty manner, making you depressed yet laughing hysterically at the same time, so I'd advise anyone out there to read his works.

So, six more books to our collection!

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