Wednesday, January 12, 2011

75 books down, 199 days to go!

Justina here.  Four books!  All of them were part of the Doctor Who series five rundown, so I advise watching those episodes if you enjoy sci-fi.  Anyway, my sister has tons of those books, and I want to read all of them...
First of all, Nuclear Time.  Not the best.  Fun, but a little confusing...the Doctor gets stuck going back in time as creepy robot killing machines chase his friends.  Parts of it don't make a ton of sense, but I don't think they're supposed to...anyway, I didn't care for it.
Next, The Forgotten Army...NYC, a Trojan horse in the shape of a woolly mammoth...okay, strange concept, but it made sense, so I can't get mad at it.
Apollo 23 I was disappointed in.  It started so great...then it just became a little slow and, well, pathetic.  Temporal shifts from Texas to the Moon...normal enough in the Whoniverse.  But then an alien invasion in the last ten pages...I like the last fifty pages to be end of climax/resolution, not beginning of climax.
Last, but so not least, The Glamour Chase.  Favorite.  Amy, Rory, and the Doctor go to 1936...that year, I don't know why.  Excavation site, string people, impersonations of Amy...what more could I want?  I loved this one, read it easily in less than a day, so any DW fans would enjoy it, I think.
Again, if you haven't seen Doctor Who, those books would be nothing but gibberish, but you should give British TV a from Justi!  75 down, 199 days to go!!!

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