Tuesday, January 4, 2011

71 books read, 207 days left on the clock!

hello one and all!
it's Elizabeth here, and I've read 5 books.  i hope every body's new years and Christmas and Hanukkah. I finished three four books in the Dead is... Series and tmi.
tmi is a book about a girl who gives just that.  "Too much information."  in fact, because of her big mouth, her boyfriend breaks up with her.  She begins to write a blog about her life, hoping to get her talking out without people having to listen.  that way she can say everything she wants with out starting anything.  but this back fires when a local kid at her HS reads her blog and spills. spills her crush, her friends crush, and her other friends biggest secret ever. can she get the town to forgive her? can she even get her two only friends to forgive her, who she desperately loves? this was a short book, but it was OK, definitely an easy read.
the Dead is... Series is about a girl living in a supernatural town, and each book is about how the town's mysteries need solving, and how daisy is helping to get everything sorted out. yet at the same time she is finding out what powers she has, and her boyfriend, and sisters poppy and rose, too.  loved this series! absolutely great.
well, i should go work on my odysseys essay.
ahha! 6 books have been read on my part, actually!  i finished the odyssey for school.  this classic, over three thousand years old, is about a man Odysseus who, after fighting in the ten year old Trojan war, must get home. but throughout the coarse of ten years, Odysseus is faced with many obstacles that get in his way of returning home. this was, sadly, hard to get through.  not my type of book.  oh and mr. b-- ODYSSEUS IS NOT A HERO! hehe- thats what my essay is about- whether or not odysseus is a hero. which he is not. he relys on athena for help, asks the phaeacians to send him home, and the stays with circe for a whole year- for no reason besides free food and shelter! he also brags about himself all of the goshdarn time!!! jeeezzz!  no hero.
well 71 books down, 207 days to go.!.
chuck norris scares fear. hehe!
love, e

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  1. Oh, I am ashamed of you! The Odyssey is one of my faves! Oh, and Odysseus is a hero...you've read the Iliad, right? Come on, besides Achilles, he's the hero!