Wednesday, January 26, 2011

96 books down, 185 days to go...

Justi here with four new books.  I've read three more books for Series of Unfortunate Events--The Ersatz Elevator, The Vile Village, and The Hostile Hospital.  These books are failing to disappoint.  Ironic happenings, mysteries that demand the reader to solve them, a hidden plot, and the author's usual witty charm keeps these books from growing old, and still appealing to this reader.  The series is also steadily getting darker, and I hope that lasts.  Of course, each book is also getting longer...I'll be done with this soon enough!
Awakened is the latest book in House of Night.  While a lot of drastic changes occurred, this book lacked the sense of an overall plotline with its shifting character viewpoints.  It felt more like a filler, unfortunately, than like a stand-alone story in this series.  However, I enjoyed the ending, and am sad to have to wait until next year when the next book comes out.
So that's four more books down. 185 days to go!

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