Saturday, November 28, 2009

38 books down, 267 days to go!

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Sooo behind. Today's excuse: the Holiday Season :) .

I have read two books since lat time I blogged, Zoe has read zero, and I am kind of in a thoughtful mood. I have been thinking really hard about ow guilty I would feel if I let you guys down and didn't finish this in the 267 days left. :(
Well, I read Deadline by Chris Crutcher and The Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer. The Missing Girl is hard to talk about and write a description about. This book was brutally creepy, disturbing, and just weird. Basically it's about a group of sister who are basically being stalked. Totally icky.
Just check out this link and click the Inside Cover link and click the front flap if you want to know more:

Deadline was a really great book, written in 1st person. The narrator, Ben, is a Smart-Ass, but I kind of admired him for that, him dying and all. Puzzled? Hope so. Ben Wolf has about a year to live, he gets very sick, and he chooses not to tell ANYONE, not even his family, unless you count his social worker, until towards the ending of this book, the end of his life. This book was filled with swearing and there is a mild sex scene that I skipped over. Normally a book that has such content I would put down, but I didn't. I couldn't. I was routing for Ben till the end, praying there would be a miracle.
Ben was a witty eightteen year old, with a life that gets more messed up then he ever would have dreamed in the ten months he has to live. Ben was someone I had to admire while I was reading. I just had to. He handled death so well, he was so content and headstrong and... just a captivating character. Honestly, I mean... he helped out the town drunk, Rudy (not the smartest thing to do considering Rudy's awful secret), he tried out for the football team even though he so tiny, he coped with his insane mother, he handled his mysterious girlfriend, Dallas's, disturbing tragedies, and much more. Though the swearing did bother me, I liked his book. For an eleven year old (who is very mature!)? Maybe a 3/5. But for an older reader, who doesn't get her books approved by her mom first ;) ? Yeah, sure, 5/5. Though it was one of the SADDEST books.

Orangutans warn people to stay out of their territory by belching.

Love Lizzy S.

38 books down, 267 days to go.

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