Monday, November 2, 2009


Well I forgot to blog about this but a few days ago, I finished Gathering Blue by Lowis Lowry. It is the "sequel" to The Giver. I put that in quotes because it does continue the plot of The Giver. It's more of a book that continues in theme and is paired with it. I am currently beginning the other book that goes with those two: Messsenger. Though this book is a contiuation of Gathering Blue (I think). I LOVE LOWIS LOWRY'S WRITING! I have also ventured into the world of The Classics also. Farenheit 451, here I come! I have began this book and let me say it is very confusing at first. But I am determined! HELP ME!
<3 Zoe

32 books down, 304 days to go

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