Sunday, November 1, 2009

31 books down, 305 books to go.

Well. It's me Lizzy, pooped from last night (Happy Halloween!) =) I'm really sorry I haven't blogged in so long! I've just been so busy. Do you mind if I tell you about my week? Well, I'm going to anyway. Last week was my friends birthday party, then we went to a place called Witches Woods which is basically a place with haunted hay rides, haunted houses, carnival games, and scary people walking around. =) Then on Thursday I went to a Demi Lovato Concert! On Friday was the Halloween Dance and then yesterday was of course Halloween.

Anyway I read two books and I am onto two more (one for school). The books I read are called Eleven by Lauren Myracle and Four Truths and a Lie by Lauren Barnholdt.
I'll start with Eleven. Eleven was not a good book. It was stupid, boring, and written by the same writer who writes a really inappropriate, crappy (excuse my language!!!) series including the books, ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r. This book was so pointless and plot-less. No one wants to read about an eleven year old girl who has a moody older sister and a crush who has pink eye and a best friend who has a new friend. I mean, really. That's basically the whole plot. Ack. I want to read about more dramatic, interesting, and mature topics, and lets face it. Those kind of books have teenagers as the main characters (Young Adult books). Not Myracle's style. She has no class!

Whoa. Sorry about that. Just felt like going on a rampage about something I believe in.
=) The other book I read is called Four Truths and a Lie and even though this book isn't sophisticated and about a seventeen year old (ha ha) it was still OK.
This book is about a girl named Scarlett whose mom sends her to an all girls private boarding school where no one knows her secret. Her big.. no huge.. secret involving her 'criminal' dad. At he school she gets assigned a pen pal from a brothering private school for boys. Scarlett's pen pal sends her one statement for every letter that she get from him and she must get her self into trouble to find out whether it is true or not.
Things get really dicey when she gets caught, and everything goes down hill when Amber, her best friend, get fed u with her. This book wasn't excellent but it was a good book and I guess I do recommend it.
I just reread the last forty pages of the book and I realized that I actually do like this book.

Well thanks for reading, In 1976, the 10 billionth gallon of "Coca-Cola" syrup was produced.
Lots of Love, Lizzy S.
31 books down, 305 days to go.
By the way, I am now reading The Wright Three (for school) and The Christopher Killer.

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