Saturday, January 2, 2010

I AM SO SORRY! (long blog but stay with me, please)
I didn't want to have to admit this because I was in denial but we might not be able to do this! I won't say we CAN'T because you can't get any where with a bad attitude. ;)
But I'm actually really worried! Zoe hasn't blogged in, what?, 2... 3 months? And I have been under pressure with middle school's homework so I don't know how we are going to do this!
See, this blog was Zoe's idea and when I agreed to do this, Zoe said 100 books should be read. I said no because I knew what would happen. I would easily get my 50 books done and I would end up reading Zoe's. If we did 150 or 175 that would sound weird... '150 book marathon!' or '175 book marathon!'
So I said 200 and Zoe agreed. I didn't have to read exactly 100 (maybe 105? 107?) but we would each read somewhere along the lines of one hundred books.
Now that I know that I will have to read at least 170 books to finish this, I'm sort of freaking out! ha ha. But really, I am. I can't do that, especially since lately my eyes have been KILLING if I read for to long (Mom says it's eye strain).
And I just wanted to say I really don't want to change this to 100 book marathon... I'm just not sure that I can do this.
And please, don't get me wrong. I have BEGGED Zoe to read more and blog and STEP IT UP JUST A LITTLE and her response is always either "OK OK OK Just stop telling me what to do!" or "Don't tell me what to do!" or sometimes even "Shut up."
Zoe has finished TWO books apparently so I am going to MAKE her blog.


Love, Lizzy S.
48 books down, 228 days to go.

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