Thursday, January 14, 2010

54 books down, 216 days to go!

Hey Everyone!
It's Lizzy S. I finished the Second book in the Morganville Vampires Series, Dead Girl's Dance.
This book was almost as thrilling as the first but you were on the endge of your couch, which i only kind of liked. I'm all for Shane and Claire, but with Shane captured and Claire risking her life to save him, I just got so freaked. I loved Shane, but I really did think he wasn't going to make it, though of coarse he did.
Also, some big things happen to half-dead Michael... well one big thing, that doesn't involve Eve. Can you guess? Well, I'll tell you. He becomes a....

If you would like to know scroll down


Hahaha! Yay! No he can actually step foot out of the house! Whoopy! Kind of.

Eve is doing pretty good in this book, she get's a job at Claire's University. Yay! Again, kind of.

You see, thing is that a big part of the story was forgotten/ left unanswered. Eve's brother (17) is a murderer and he got out of jail and came to the town, but eventually we forgot about him. And that was that. He was still in town but... the author just stopped talking about him. But I can bet that's what the next book is about, right?
Yes, Lizzy, Right.
Well, thanks for reading.

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

Love, Lizzy S.

54 books down, 216 days to go!

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