Monday, January 4, 2010

I finished Fallen and I absolutely loved it until the end.
God, did that ending suck!
Lucinda, Luce, is sent t0 a school from delinquents and insane teenagers.
There she is allured by the ever so mysterious, handsome Daniel.
She also becomes best friends with Pennywether, Penn, who wasn't really meant to be in such a school. Her father who worked at the school died and she could bring herself to leave, she had no family to go to.
Luce is still not happy though because Daniel obviously wants nothing to do with her, tough secretly he has been in love with her for a century.
Luce will do anything to find out the reason why Daniel is in a place like so. Then when she finds out, her sanity and trust in Daniel is put to the test. (Clues on Daniel- immortal, fallen, wings)
I really loved the character of Luce. She was completely great, but... the ending just ruined this.
If this book sounds interesting to you do not read what I am going to say.

Daniel is a fairy! He is the handsome, muscular, male figure and love interest in this story!!! He can't can't be an angel. Too sweet and fragile!!
The author described his wings! Soft and angelic coming out of his back! EEEWW! haha

Anyway, I hated the ending of this book.

336 dents are in the average golf ball.

50 books down, 226 days to go!

Love, Lizzy S.

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