Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey all!
I just finished the Traveling Pants 2 by Ann Brashares and Zoe finished the Mediator: 1 by Meg Cabot (my FAVORITE series ever). The Traveling Pants was an awesome book but kind of (really) depressing. Lena's boyfriend (living in Greece) was forced to get married to another woman. Carmen broke her mother's heart. Bridget meets her Grandmother for the first time in around ten years. Tibby get's into a heated relationship with her mother. Stressful. :)
But overall this book was pretty awesome.
I'll get Zoe to post later tonight about the 1st mediator book (I highly recommend the series).
Thanks for reading. Sorry we haven't had a chance to be writing as much these past few stressful days of middle school.
By the way, I was wondering who I just apologized to. Is there anyone out there? Anyone? Please comment!!!
Love LIZ

6 books down, 355 days to go.

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