Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here comes the pressure

Well school started today and on top of getting homework done, I'm reading right now. Liz and I are really starting to see what we got ourselves into with the marathon. But have 1 book down and 364 days to go!
Here's what I think so far of Ruined by Paula Morris. So far it is pretty good. I like the main character, Rebecca. She's a very realistic character and easy to understand.
But Rebecca is put into a very cliched situation. Of course she is the "poor girl sent away form her family to a new and 'creepy' town filled with excepting snobby girls and must live with an odd stranger." It's nothing I've never heard before. BORING!
But wait! There's more! The book is improving! Poor Rebecca has met a new friend. Too bad she's a ghost!
I think the concept of her meeting a ghost is very interesting and I give the author a thumbs up! But there is always room for revisions! MY complaints start when Poor Rebecca is meeting with her friend and Lisette (the ghoulish one) tells her that she is in fact a ghost. I was looking forward to this part of the book because I thought it would be really interesting.
Guess what? It wasn't.
Lisette says she's a ghost. And Poor Rebecca goes with it.
No awkwardness.
No serious doubt.
No fear or anything!
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! This book is driving me crazy!!!! But I shall read on! Because I will continue with this challenge. I will finish the 200 book marathon with pride!
1 book read 364 days to go

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