Thursday, September 3, 2009

199 Books to go

Hey everyone! It's Liz. Since I have a day off from school today I thought I'd log on and let you know that there are only 199 books to go! I started Missing you by Meg Cabot last night and finished it this morning. So now I have a feeling Zoe wanted me to do something... write a review? Oh, yes! That's it!
Well, here it is then:
For the past in the past 13 hours I have been reading when I could (no, I didn't read during my nine hours of sleep) and I ended up starting and finishing my book!
Missing You (Meg Cabot) was the last book in the five-part hilarious 1-800-Where-R-U series. The main character, Jess, had a spunky vibe and her sense of humor was fantastic. But she wasn't just your average tough and practically friendless high school girl. She had a special 'power.'
In the first book of the series When Lightning Strikes, Jess was stuck out in a lightning storm at the beginning of the book and she got struck by lightning! And that is how she got the power to find missing people if she has an item of theirs or a picture of them. Once she has an item of theirs or a picture she has to go to sleep (I know, stressful, right?) and in the morning she knows the address of where they are. Just like that.
Anyway, in this book, which was only written after the fourth (the fourth was meant to be Cabot's final book in the series) because the fans asked, some time has gone by since the fourth. In the fourth, Sanctuary, (my favorite book in the series) Jess is sixteen and in Missing you she is 19. She had lost her powers after going to war to help find missing people in between the time that she was 16 and 19 but when a long lost "friend" of hers, Rob, shows up at her apartment door one day, asking her to find his missing sister (that she didn't know about, and apparently neither did Rob until a few months ago) she puts her powers to the test.
Jess gets herself into a rather sticky situation that Rob helps get her out of, and she brings justice to Rob's sister, Hannah's, 27 year old boyfriend (Hannah's 15) who was a rather "icky" guy.
But don't come to the conclusion that this is strictly an action book. Yes, there is romance. In the end of the book there is some content that was a little "adult" but it was nothing too bad that you couldn't skip over.
Over all this was a great book! Throughout the whole book you will find yourself cheering in your head, 'Go Jess!'
5/5 stars! But if you are going to read this book, please read the whole series first (in order). It will make more since that way. :) (WARNING: Young adult book. Might not appeal to some readers. Pretty mild romance will show up in every book. Unless you don't have good humor, be ready for laughs.)

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