Tuesday, March 22, 2011

113 books down, 130 days to go.

Two more books for Justi.  This is what comes with spring break. I've read more, but those books have been less than a hundred pages, so we're not counting them...
Midnight Predator--not too great.  Interesting idea, mercenary vampire hunters, a rebuilding civilization, but it passes by too fast to be considered worthwhile.  The main character, with her own demons, makes for a strong lead, and if this was part of a series, I could see the confusion, but as a loner it would be something to skip.  Harsh of me, maybe, but still...
Secondhand Charm--I loved this one.  Fast, and it could have used more plain discussion, but the writing is great, and the storyline sweet and interesting.  Evelyn, known in her town as a healer, gets the chance to go to University.  But after her ship is capsized at sea, she must learn a secret about her family and herself.  Hint: the summary inside the book cover is doesn't explain anything at all.  Just read it; I can almost guarantee you'll be smiling.

So, more books coming.  Hopefully.

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