Sunday, March 20, 2011

111 books down, 132 days to go!

Two more books for Justi.  More on the way...spring break here, and I've found several books to occupy my time with.  Question of the day: Elizabeth, have you blogged for The Summoning yet?  You've blogged for The Awakening and the Reckoning, but I'm not sure about the first book in the series...and I want to read that series!
Strange Angels...overall not a bad read.  Not sure I'm willing to continue with the series, but if you like horror, drama, and grotesque imaging, this is the right book.  Dru Anderson and her father hunt, well, the paranormal.  But when something goes wrong, she has to find somebody new to side with.  The only bad things about this book were the long, complicated sentences--made for slow action sequences--and the same analogies repeated again and again (referring to sleepy as rubbing grain out of eyes).
The next book I read I finished in a few hours.  A fast read, keeps you going...Everworld: the Search for Senna.  Great for a fast paced and adventurous read.  I'm going to start the series as soon as Monday comes and I can grab the next book.  Basically, David and three other teens get somehow sent to a, well, parallel world.  Confusion as they meet Loki, learn of different gods and cultures, and embark on a Viking raid.  Tons of fun...
So, more books are coming.  And where are my cousins?!  Wait, did they go on that trip...?
Love Justi!

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