Friday, April 1, 2011

116 books down, 120 days to go.

Three more books.  Yeah, I wanted more, but I was, um, busy.  This is Justi, btw.
The Poison Apples was a cute read, following the tale of the evil stepmothers and going one step further--getting payback.  It isn't hard to sympathize with the characters, and even without too much fairy tale allusion, this book has a surreal feel to it, along with that notion of the difference between fairy tales and real life.

I also read Tattoo, and its sequel, Fate.  Four best friends get superpowers when they put on temporary tattoos..and unravel a plot about the Sidhe, a race of fairies from Celtic legend.  I had recently gotten fascinated with the Sidhe, so I was happy to find a book that expanded on both Greek and Celtic mythology.  The ending of the second book was a little...well, not as climatic as I thought it should have been, but the first book makes you want to be one of the friends.

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